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BC Muscle Workout

BC Muscle Workout

Ok first off I’ve been doing PE for about 2-3 weeks now I dunno but like a week ago I got home from a wild party. Needless to say I was highly intoxicated and aroused. I decided to do some erect lifts to tire out my penis so I could perform some stretches. I began by doing erect lifts but I began to notice that as I was flexing the penis became engorged with blood and became harder even after already reaching 100% erection. I always hated doing BC flexes because I always found them hard to do and I felt I was wasting a lot of effort but I could see my penis actually getting bigger and it actually felt good.

So I don’t remember how long I did this for but it was obviously too much because afterwards my muscle was swolen and my penis was hard for almost an hour straight. It never did get fully flacid and it felt different it was soft and hanging but it was still a lil hard in the middle(hard to explain) and the head felt a lil numb.

Does anyone know if there is any benefit to what I did? I havn’t worked out since that day.

Um, what’s an “erect lift”? Did you have a towel or other weight hanging off your erect dick while you kegeled?

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