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The BC muscle

The BC muscle

How can the bc muscle both stop the ejaculation but also make it more powerful? Just wondering because many people on this board talk about how being able to shoot your load a far distance means that you have a strong BC muscle but in exercising the muscle you are supposedly helping to stop your self from blowing.

It think the answer may be because when you use your BC to ejaculate further, you are doing a reverse kegel, not a contraction kegel.


Currently not doing PE


I have never figured out what the difference between a regular and a reversed kegel is, can anyone tell me?

Explanation of “reverse kegel:” Reverse Kegel Question

The BC muscle is the one used to force semen (or urine) through the urethra (pee tube). If one has a strong BC, his ejaculation “spurts” will be more forceful. You don’t have to do anything special during ejaculation for this to work. It’s the normal way things operate.

The muscle can be used to prevent ejaculation by continuously contracting it at the time you feel the orgasm beginning. In many cases it may be too late and the “inevitable” will occur. However, if you learn your body’s response to sex or masturbation and can get the timing right, you can prevent ejaculation by continuously clamping down on the BC. If you are consciously making the muscle contract, the “automatic” function of ejaculation can’t make it contract more. It can’t make “spurts” because you won’t give it time to let the urethra fill with semen at regular intervals. Doing this is not easy and takes a lot of practice.

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