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How to relax the Bc muscle by contracting it's antagonizing muscle.

How to relax the Bc muscle by contracting it's antagonizing muscle.

Every muscle in your body has another muscle nearby that does the exact opposite motion, ex. bicep and tricep. If you contract your bicep fully then, as a result, your tricep must be fully relaxed. I was wondering what the other muscle was that contracts to negate the bc’s contraction? You could contract the other muscle and cause the bc muscle to have to be fully relaxed. Anyone know how to do this? Is this revers kegels?

yes its reverse kegel, and the closest I can come to explaining it is when you urinate and ‘push’ and the stream becomes more pronounced that is the reverse kegel muscle being used, opposite the BC muscle.

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Sorry guys, it doesn’t work that way in this case. Have you looked at the illustrations in the BC muscle thread? There is no opposing muscle. A “reverse Kegel” is simply relaxing the BC muscle. When you force urine out by pushing, you’re just squeezing your bladder with abdominal pressure. What are you wanting to accomplish with the relaxation BG?

The relaxation would allow for a greater stretch since there would be no opposing force from the bc muscle.

You have to concentrate on relaxing it, that’s the only way to do what has become known as the “reverse Kegel.”

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