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Are the member pics a reflection of what PE can do

Are the member pics a reflection of what PE can do

The sizes of the men that posted their pics are fine. I’d kill to have those 8-9 inches naturally.

But it seems like they started with decent sized (7+) to begin with.

My question basically is: Are the ones with the bigger ones posting, while the smaller guys don’t post at all, or is there a whole mix of people posting?

Right now, I’m about 6 or so, but I haven’t noticed anybody else around my size.

Before you get bashed about the search function:
(because it is a legit question from a new memember)

So would I.

Some yes, some no.

Whole Mix. The big snakes just like to brag more.
Seriously, theres a whole mix around here as far as size goes.
And some really really inspiring stories. Some with proof to actually back it up also.
just do some more reading around and …..

>>use the search feature<<

O’ by the way -
Welcome aboard!

That was my concern before too. I hope to one day be able to post pictures of great gains myself.

Here’s the average length + gains derived from the PE database

Average Results

The PE database is a good place to store your results and research others with similar starting measurements.

Penis Enlargement Statistics Site

Many of the big guys in the picture section achieved good gains from PE, although some were born naturally huge. You can read their history to know how their achieved their great size, although the only way to know for sure is if they posted a chronology of pictures along the way as they made their gains.

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