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Any "average guys" switch from Hydromax x30 to x20?

Any "average guys" switch from Hydromax x30 to x20?

I have pretty average size (5.5 inches non-bone pressed erect length and 4.5 inches girth). I’ve used the Hydromax x30 on and off in the past, but have been on a constant routine for a couple weeks now with the Hydromax x30. The one I have uses the old comfort ring that doesn’t have a tube that goes into the black part of the device.

I’ve always had problems with my balls being sucked into the Hydromax, and was wondering if anyone here of similar size to me has switched from the x30 to x20. I’m wondering if it REALLY is an improvement on the x30, or if I should just stick with what I have. I’m most curious about the fact that the x20 has a small girth maximum to the device, which means there’s more sucking power being concentrated on the penis rather than the skin on the base of my penis where my pubic bone is. Any suggestions or experiences?

Same here. I’m looking for the 20 as well but don’t want to pay a hundred dollars. I got a 30 on Aliexpress which seems like the real deal but they don’t sell the 20 yet. If anyone knows where to get one cheap please post.

Bumping up this thread as I am shopping for a Bathmate. Regarding the X20 vs X30, I am finding very little about actual dimensions for each. I see what BM recommends based on current penis size, but I am more interested in what the internal length and diameter are. Of course there are two length measurements when it comes to these - compressed and non-compressed. Does anyone know, or better yet can someone post definitive measurement pictures? Or alternate question.. I know the units themselves have a measurement written on them, but is that the compressed or non?

Hey everyone I bought the x20 and been using it for 2 months, I’m 5 BPEL and 4,8 mseg

I can say that the size is the ideal for me as even with this size sometimes I still get my balls being sucked into the tube and I have to re-pump. After you get how to use it it gets easier to keep a good seal without any discomfort.

I wouldn’t go for the x30 before I can reach the x20’s max length, and when I upgrade I’ll probably go for the extreme series as it seems easier to control pressure for usage in the shower. In the bath it’s totally different you don’t lose suction at all, but in the shower you have to re-pump every other minute.

The measurement is always bone pressed as you push hard against the body to get a good seal and I found out that the gauge is a little wrong by exactly 1cm so when I reach 14 I’m actually at 15cm as I found out while using a regular air pump with about the same pressure.

Hope this helps!

Update to my prior post. Bought an X30 and X20 to compare and provide measurements. X30 was shipped first, so here it is:

Uncompressed interior length - 9.75”
Compressed interior length - 8.5”

When compressed, the 7” mark on the sticker is actually closer to 7.25”. This seems to be because the comfort pad adds about .25”. When the pad is removed, the 7” mark is true. Compressing the gaiter takes off about 1.25”.

The base opening diameter with comfort pad is just over 2”, maybe 2 1/16”.

As you can see, even though the sticker ends at 7”, there is still about 1.5” of length remaining in the cylinder even when fully compressed. I think this is more than enough for the “average” person, probably too much.

When the X20 arrives I will post those measurements. I suspect the 5.5” max BPEL recommendation from Bathmate is inaccurate

6.25" BPEL, 5.5" NBPEL, 5.5" EG.

Goal: 7" NBPEL, 6" EG


8.5” interior length uncompressed
7.25” compressed
Like the x30, compressing the gaiter takes off about 1.25”

The 6” mark is just under the 6.25” mark when fully compressed. Like the X30, the comfort pad adds about 0.25” to the measurement sticker

While the X30 had an opening diameter just over 2”, the X20 is just under, maybe 1-15/16” or 1-7/8”

The 6” mark on the X20 is right at the end of the sticker, while the 7” mark on the X30 is about 0.25” under.

6.25" BPEL, 5.5" NBPEL, 5.5" EG.

Goal: 7" NBPEL, 6" EG

Phillatio seems spot on. I have a 20 and 30. I have a little over 1/4” room at top of 20 when at full pressure. 7”bp

I like them both. The 30 feels like a noticeable difference in pressure. (Stronger). Shaving abdomen about an inch above shaft helps avoid ball suckage, as does really warming up scrotum. Also, helps sealing unit.

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