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Selling my BathMate Hydromax X30

Selling my BathMate Hydromax X30

I have a Crystal Clear BathMate Hydromax X30 for sale.
My girth is too big for the X30. Used it twice, but it is as good as new!
I cleaned it thoroughly.

I’m selling it for $110, THIS INCLUDES shipping charges from Europe.
The deal is pretty good and reasonable. I can provide pics if necessary.
I am ready to ship!
Save payment via PayPal.
Anyone interested?

I might be interested, how thick are you?

Originally Posted by misterthickness
I might be interested, how thick are you?


Here are some pics: (I washed the BM X30 before I took the pictures, this explains the water drops inside the tube)
The bathmate Hydromax X30 (…17_20_11_13.jpg)
BathMate and boxes (…17_20_10_40.jpg)

I’m going put the boxes of above in a plastic bag(so no water can enter)
That plastic bag is going in box 3.(…17_20_11_42.jpg)
This is all for your privacy!

It is clean, only 2 times used and I’m ready to ship!

It is still fore sale

I can’t use it and hate to see such a nice device unused.

I really wish someone would buy this and use it often! The hydromax X30 is great!

I fixed the price a little.. $100.(shipping costs included)


Got any used condoms? -Sorry I’m being a shit.

Flacid Length 3.68 X 4in -----------BP Flacid Length 5.5 X4in. (I''m a fatso at 268lbs), was 305lbs

Erect Measurement 5.5 X 5 in.-------BPEL (wait for it) 7.0 x 5 in. (I know, I was suprised to!) Fatty, fat, Fatty!

Just started doing PE and losing weight. I used to say to girls "I swear there used to be more there!" I think I was right!

I’m considering selling both versions of my Bathmate -

I got the standard Bathmate Hercules about a month ago; unfortunately its entirely too small - I’m a tad over 6” thick before I pump.. So; I went ahead and ordered the Goliath model; I used it twice - Its too big and very heavy, the Hercules actually fits inside the Goliath with lots of room to spare.. I have the strap and bag for the Goliath - its Truly NEW condition

Anyone interested..
I’m thinking 75 + Shipping for the Bathmate Hercules and 125 + Shipping for the Goliath

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