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2x Hydromax Xtreme X40 for sale

2x Hydromax Xtreme X40 for sale


I use the Hydromax Xtreme X30 and have had some pretty great results. When Hydromax originally shipped me my item, instead of shipping me the x30 they shipped me the x40. I noticed this and was instructed to return the X40. I followed their instructions and shipped it back. They then proceeded to ship me both an X40 and an X30. I contacted them and let them know of the error and they told me to keep the X40 for future use. A few days later another X40 showed up on my door, so now I have two extra X40s that I’d like to offer you all. The kit I have for sale is located here:…-xtreme-series/

This package costs $349 when ordering from Hydromax, but I’ll sell them each for $200 + $20 for shipping ($220 total) through Paypal. Please contact me via Skype, email, or private message if you have any questions.

Skype - n0xh86
Email -

You're funny

So you’re telling me you got 2 free x40’s and you’re expecting to sell them for 200 each.. The hydromax website doesn’t even sell them for that much. If you actually wanted to make money you would sell it lower than the websites. People would actually buy that

Naw dude, Hydromax wants more than $300 for an “extreme” model.

My bad I found a site selling them for $189. But they were, and you can still find them being sold for, $349.

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