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Another new guy...quick ?

Another new guy...quick ?

First of all i think this whole thing is great…im soo happy i found this site.
Ive been reading through all of the forums and you guys all really do a great job of responding and sharing sucess secrets.

I had a couple of questions though…

1. What are DLD blasters?
2. what are Uli Stretches?

Finally my LOT seems to be about 8:00…. does this mean that I am going to struggle getting good gain? Anybody else have the same LOT and get good gain?

I am currently 6 by 5.25. My goal is 8 by 6

Thanks a lot guys

Any post by DLD and there has to be thousands will have a link to his blasters in his sig, also almost any thread on girth gains will have talk about uli’s, i bet these can all be found in the newbie forum also.

Yeah with a LOT of 8, it’s deffinatly worth while working on the ligs.

what r some goog ligaments stretches to do? Can you explain in detail? Any other general input would be great. Im looking to gain length first then width…. thanks guys

Hi whoabuddy. Welcome to Thunder’s Place.

There is a huge amount of information in here. Use the search facility to find any information you require. This stops the same questions being answered time and time again. If you have any specific question don’t hesitate to post.

I also suggest that you read the forum guidelines on spelling. Use of abbreviations such as “r” is not allowed.

Good luck.



You’ll find the ULI#3 linked in the PEFAQ.

If you stretch below your LOT you will be hitting the ligs. If you Jelq in a downward direction (overhand OK) you will hit the ligs too.

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Thanks for jumping into the spelling nazi shoes :)

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Originally posted by memento

Thanks for jumping into the spelling nazi shoes :)

No, I was warning him before the spelling nazis arrived :)

Sorry about the spelling guys. Thanks for the response.

After looking up all kinds of different routines and techniques, I have decided on this beginners program…

1. 5 min. warm-up
2. 30 sec. stretches around the clock (3 sets)
3. 200-300 wet jelq
4.Uli Stretch….(by the way, this one sounds like a good oone)
5.100 Kegels and however many more I do during the day
6. Warm- down

I was thinking of doing this twice a day, but I dont want to over do it… any suggestions?

Also my cousin started peing 5 months ago and showed good gains and was also using a supplement called VigRx… he sent me a 3 month supply and told me to use it… Has anyone else had any experience with this supplement or heard anything about it?

Thanks a lot fellas,
Hopefully in 6 months time I can be destroying everything in my path, lol

Check the Review Forum for opinions on the VigRx.

If you are just starting PE and are going to use the routine outlined above, ease into it gradually, take at least two weeks before doing the complete routine with any kind of real intensity. Safer and probably more effective that way.

Best of luck to you!!

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