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Quick Jelqs compared to slow ones.


Quick Jelqs compared to slow ones.

Now I’m just a newbie and far be it that I advise any of the old timers here but I just have to tell you that I much prefer 700 quick jelqs to 1-200 slow 3 second ones. I have tried both off and on for a month now and I like the results of the quick ones. Maybe 1 second each. I have a giant head on the end of my dong and I use it as a stopper. I kind of jerk the jelq and the head automatically stops my hand from going over the end. Hey! That’s why that thing is there! LOL And as the reps go on I tighten my grip until the last hundred when I squeeze as hard as I can.

I can tell, even if I did not count when I get to 500 just by the way my dick looks and feels. It is almost like it was just warm up until then. I think my best work is done from 500-700. I truely do. I then top off my routine with 10 ULIs. Now I still do 200 slow ones in the bath at night. Actually going back and forth and doing 50 quick and then 50 slow but always with a strong grip. And of course the 10 ULIs at night as well.

Like I said earlier, far be it for this newbie to advise any veterans here. That is not my intention. I just wanted to express my opinion and what I think is working for me. I have tried each way for a week at a time and the quick/high rep ones do it for me.

6 1/2” length
5 5/8” girth

1/8” gain in girth in one month! I am happy with that!

My goal is 7 1/2” length x 6” girth
That would get it above my belly button.

Cheers to you all. Do good things.


I also prefer fast ones.I do 600 5 days a week and have also found them to be much better and have had 4/8”s gains in BPEL and 2/8” in girth in 3-4 months.I want to get up to 1000 for 5 days a week.I’m not big on dry jelqs and iv just recently started stretches.excellent gains vs.well done.

Hmmm, interesting. WOuldn’t mind hearing some other peoples take on this as well.

All my jelqing gains were due to fast jelqs.

I have tried the slow jelqs and I didn’t feel like I was getting as much as a workout as I could. For one thing, I can’t hold a solid grip for 3-4 seconds over and over again for that long. So I switched to fast jelqs, about 1-2 seconds, with as tight a grip as I can with a half limp dick and I feel I get a good work out. Just my experience.

I can’t tell for sure but on the ULI post that someone re-posted this week, it seemed to me that he was talking about quick jelqs as well.

I could be wrong, I have been before.

Cheers to you all. Do good things.


Originally Posted by Andrew69
All my jelqing gains were due to fast jelqs.


I clamp for ten minutes and follow up with some fast jelqs everyday.

Fast jelqs (1-2 seconds, compared to 3 seconds) have accounted for all my gains as well. Slow jelqs just don’t make me feel like I’ve had a good workout.

Personal preference, but 100-200 slow hard jelqs feel like many more faster 1-2 second jelqs for me. As long as I put some concentration into it and dont just go through the motions, which in my opinion is the biggest threat to having a shite workout.

But saying that I now clamp and edge for 10 mins every morning in the shower as a routine shake up and will follow this for another 2 weeks. Its nice changing every now and then as I have noticed red spots and an after workout plump again, something I hadn’t been seeing for quite some time.

(I am not saying red spots are necessarily a good thing btw)

||looking for something to .... about||

I also do the quick jelq variety. They have seemed to work better for me!

--------------------- December '05 Starting Bpel: 6.125" Starting Eg: 5.75" --------------------- Current Bpel: 6.25" Current Eg: 6.00" --------------------- Goal Bpel: 8" Goal Eg: 6.5" --------------------- Can you say pop can dick? Serenity now...insanity later.....

Dang stud, Nice gains. What’s your workout?

Luka-- Happy Gainings everyone! Start-Dec.14--BPEL-6.5 X EG-5 Current-BPEL-6.9 X EG-5.25 My Dick's true calling NBPEL-8 EG-6

Just my two cents. Over a period of about 9 & 1/2 months I was in a jelqathon mode. During that period I did not count jelqs, I never have liked that. I just fired up the proper material to keep me at 50-70% erection and did slow jelqs for 45-60 mins. Every day except the weekends right before I went to bed. I have gained to date 1.5” EL and about .5” EG. I did dry jelqs too. I never liked the quick jelqs because that means I had to get the lube out and I always wanted to keep the mess to a minimum. Anyhow, whatever works for you continue to do it. I have read another thread or to of vs. and it seems like he is on the right track. Actually I may start up PE again with a modified version of his routine. I am personally a huge fan of jelqing and almost never stretch. I did recently purchase a JES but have yet to use it enough to see any gains. Bah.. I’m rambling.

Jelqs are great, IMO. Slow or fast. Whatever feels like it works!
Cheers everyone!

Hey guys,

Here is the input of the Bamixgee, I do 500 fast Jelqs in the morning and since last week have just started doing 300-400 in the evening as well, all fast. I can tell you this and I am not exaggerating or joking as I take this quiet seriously. My dick looks so large and thick when not erect since I doubled my routine that my wife even said something this weekend. We had had a few drinks this Friday night and I was in my robe, I was leaving the room and jokingly she said flash me and I did, the look on her face was priceless,she said “Hoy shit” is that soft? I said yes and then I looked down I was surprised myself, I did look massive long and thick, She said its almost to your fucking knees well a slight exaggeration as women do, but it felt good anyway, but I never had a reaction like that before, since the double up my Penis feels much thicker soft and hard and it looks slightly longer but I have to wait until my next measurement date to let you all know, every time we have sex now she pulls back as I hit her cervix she never did this before NEVER! (Because I never hit her cervix before) but now it is every time we have sex, so I have to ease back a bit. I am going to keep up this routine fast jelqs for length and then switch to slow and clamps for girth when I hit my length goal. I hope this input helps the thread and by the way I stretch 2-3 time a day everyday.

My measurements last time I measured were 7.75 ELBP x 5.5

Thank you all for your replies on my post.

I like this forum. It is so cool to see so many opinions and ideas yet no one pushes their idea as the only one.

You folks are all very cool!

Cheers to you all. Do good things.



Think about this though.. What if all your friends we’re as open to you in person as people at Thunders are.. Imagine that. No putting down because you have an average or below average wiener. Just give you info on how to help you instead of criticize. Alas, if only it we’re so, then we could all put our info into a new book called “Penile Utopia”

Luka-- Happy Gainings everyone! Start-Dec.14--BPEL-6.5 X EG-5 Current-BPEL-6.9 X EG-5.25 My Dick's true calling NBPEL-8 EG-6

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