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Growing Quick.

Growing Quick.

Well let me start off by saying that I’ve known about Thunder’s Place for about a year. I started to do the newbie rotinue at that time. But stoped after about 2-3 weeks because of lack of time. I started P.E again 02-03-05 with the newbie rotinue and stuck with it since with some alterations. It wasn’t a set rotinue just what I thought was giving me a good work out. I started at 7bpel x 5.5eg on 02-03-05 and am now 7.5bpel+ x 5.5eg. I’m still growing pretty freaking quick. I hope to hit 8bpel with in the next few months. I think 8bpel will be a good length because I would like to still be able to go all the way in with out hurting. I’m really hoping my girth comes quick with clamping , jelqs and bends. I will some day have my 6.5 girth or more. I think you can never have too much girth well maybe a 8 inch girth would be a little much :P . So far Thunder’s and Pe has been awsome to me. Even if don’t grow any more I still got a extra .5 inch in 3 months time. On a side note my wife noticed the size change during sex. I even felt like I was filling her up more now then before. I can make her cum with in the first 2-3 mins with out trying it’s pretty awsome. I can’t wait till I start clamping and get that girth I always dreamed of.

It’s great when the wifey notices. 8x6 seems to be a goal most people try to get to so it so I hope you get your 8. Girths hard for some easy for others as with length but it seems your a good length gainer but I’m sure the girth will come. Good luck.

I plan to stop the stretchs after I hit my length goal. I will clamp like a mad man and focus only on girth. I hope some of Big Girtha’s clamping skills rub off on me. Anyone that has a 8 bpel bottom out or do you have alot of room to go? I might go with more length before I start my girth work.

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