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Another Jelqing Question

Another Jelqing Question

After reading a recent article I’ve decided to start jelqing in the tub. It seems to be the ideal place and is sufficient for both the warm-up and warm-down. However, I was wondering the best way to carry out jelqs in the tub. A) seeing as how it would be hard to use any lube, is hot tub jelqing or bath tub jelqing still considered a wet jelq? B) also, and this question goes for standing non-tub jelqs as well.what is the best direction to jelq in (up? Down?east or west) b/c I’ve been doing the jelqs in 20 stroke sets (20 up 20 down), also when I begin jelqing I have about a 50-60% erection, however, by the time I’m coming to the end of the 20 stroke set I’m at maybe a 25%. I just try to set a guideline to make sure I’m hard enough that when I tighten the old BC or w/e I get at least a little bob in the knob.also to hot tub/bath tub PEers, is it possible to incorporate an entire workout into a single tub session, do any of you do stretches in the tub as well as jelqs and other exercises? It seems like gripping might be a problem when trying to stretch in the water.

Starting Stats: BPEL: 6.5 in. EG: 5? Short Term Goal: BPEL: 7 in. EG: 5 in. Long Term Goal: BPEL: 8 in. .Chyeah EG: 6in. .Ayyyy

I do most of my routine in the tub, what I can stand before I cannot take the tight space. I can stretch to my hearts content, or until my hands get tired, but the jelqing I have a little mobility problem, I just do not like to go through the range for the jelq for too long in the bath tub. That is why I usually sit on the edge of the tub, and do like 20 jelqs and then sit back in the tub for 20 seconds, just to make sure that I stay warm.

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