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Jelqing question

Jelqing question

Ok this is a personal question. I have been jelqing for about 3 months on and off. And about a month of daily jelqs. The thing is when I first started I could get this massive engorgement and push it to the glands. But now no matter how hard I try or how hard I am (from 0 to 100% erection) I cannot get that level of engorgement. And jelqing in general just feels different. Like a softness compared to hardness that’s nothing to do with erection state. It’s hard to explain. But I am trying.

Take days off in between sessions I noticed I get a real pump after a days rest.

Beginning mesurements

6'3 bpel

5'6 girth

It’s one of two things. Either you have over done it for the past month, or you have grown some and are having a hard time engorging the new size. Do you kegel at all? I would suggest kegeling on a consistant basis. Also, take a break for a couple of days then start your jelqing again and see what happens.


Ok cool will do that, thanks guys

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