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A simple jelqing question...

A simple jelqing question...

Is it a good idea to kegel more blood into the shaft right before each stroke? I’ve been doing this lately and it makes for a much more intense workout…I was just wondering if this is something everyone is already doing or if it is considered more of a uli technique…

What I do is just keggle throughout the entire session, even when I’m stroking.

Mike, I’ve been meaning to ask you. Accoding to your stats at the bottom of each post, you havent seen any gains in 2 years? Is that True????


Thats a great way to jelq, by kegeling blood in you are speeding up the process, but remember that the more blood there is the more pressure there is, so dont jelq too hard until your used to it.


Originally posted by bigdaddy14

Accoding to your stats at the bottom of each post, you havent seen any gains in 2 years? Is that True????

Yes, it’s true my penis has not been cooperating with me at all. I know I’m doing all my exercises right. I’ve done extensive research here, peforum, and other boards. But, it’s just not working for me now. For some people it can take 2 weeks to see gains others have to wait many months (even years) to see gains. In my time of pe’ing I’ve seen many people who started out with a much smaller penis than me and months later have ended up surpassing me by far and have met their goal a while ago. The key thing to remember is this DOES WORK. It just takes time. We’ll see…

hey mike,

I’m in the same boat as you. It’s got a shitty engine, and it’s taking its time getting to the island of gains.
I might not have gained but i’ve learned a lot so I can do my best to help you with your routine if you want me to, one nogainer to another. If you dont then thats cool too, but I thought i’d offer.

Good Luck

Sure thing dude, I’ll pm you. Thanks.

Hey Mike,

have you tried taking time off then restarting fresh. Everytime I take time off, like a month and start again with a different routine from the one previous to stopping, I would get a gain. I also have one of those subborn sporattic gainers and have to do alot of different things to get gains. Keep it up, your gains will come.


The most I’ve taken was about 2 weeks with no change. I don’t think 2 weeks is enough. But, a month sounds real good to me. Thanks.

I tell you the truth, taking off a month is hard as we are all a bunch of jelkinattics but it is important to do it. You have to find something in place of it to occupy your time.


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