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BelowAvg, I know EXACTLY how you feel!!! I have been, and still am having the exact same problems. Angry is right. I sometimes feel consumed with rage… everything else in my life is good, but my fucking SMALL DICK!?! I’ve told my story before, but I’ll tell it again.

It started for me at school, roughly around 14. Some asshole (one of the school bullies) had to make the ‘maggot dick’ comment in the showers after sports. He then proceeded to tell most people at school about my small dick, and before long everyone was taking the piss. I used to fake sickies to avoid sports and NEVER showered again, although the teacher used to check if we were wet and if we weren’t he’d MAKE us shower.

I’m currently seeing (and living with) a fantastic 42 year old (I’m 26 BTW), and my problem is now our problem. She was married for 21 years and has had 4 children, and had only split up from her husband about 6 months before I met her. I was fine sexually for a while, and you know when you have conversations about sexual history etc… well she lied. I have a good memory, and she’d later slip up. After pushing her, I found out she’d been around a bit (a *lot*) after leaving him, and this made me furious with rage. Not only had she lied, but the person who I fell in love with was / had been someone completely the opposite to how I had viewed her.

I began to question her about ‘who was the biggest’ etc… getting more and more enraged I asked her ‘who was the smallest, is it me?’. I kept pushing her and she finally said that I was. So here’s this woman, who obviously likes fucking cos she tried enough people, and she’s with me, the smallest dick she’s ever seen. She’s not very vocal or reactive during sex, though she seems to thing she is, and I ALWAYS imagine her screaming and moaning with pleasure with her ‘bigger dicks’. Sometimes (about once a month) the neighbours shag, and you can hear them, especially the woman, grunts and moans… I get FUCKING furious - that’s what I want HER to do. I want her to feel that good. She says she enjoys sex, and to be fair she wants it even more that I do, but I always doubt her, I imagine that she wishes she was fucking someone bigger, someone better… She is quite large, I suppose that’s from the childbirth, and I have visions of my little dick rattling around in there, not even CLOSE to filling her.

Oh, and during her six month spree, she still went back to fuck her husband on a regular basis (once/twice a week). So I pushed about him, longer and thicker, and bigger balls… that’s nice. Now I FEEL TOTALLY WANK!?! She never offers information up, I have to push for it, so she isn’t trying to hurt me. I look at her hand around my dick and wonder what she’s thinking, trying not to get furious by how stupid it must feel compared to a real dick. Oh BTW, I’m about 6-6.25” length and 5”(or so) at the base and about 4” at the tip. Surveys say this is normal - HOW THE FUCK CAN IT BE?! Has she dropped on lucky and got an ABOVE AVERAGE dick every time? She must be the luckiest woman alive eh? Not ONE person smaller than me in her sample group? I even cover my flaccid dick with my hand when I walk around naked, because I hate her seeing it and thinking ‘my God that IS small’…

Even though I’m an adult, I feel close to tears at times. I’m losing confidence and self-esteem fast. I occasionally do a bit of PE, but I find it hard to get some privacy. I need to make time eh?

Oh and BTW, I do believe there IS a correlation between dick size and confidence (cockiness - COCK-iness).

BelowAvg, if you need to talk to someone who is where you are, then feel free… it fucking hurts doesn’t it?


I can relate

Gorf, you might as well have been me talking. I know exactly what you mean. I dated a girl who felt so loose that I couldn’t imagine I could be satisfying her. Actually, straight intercouse did nothing for her. I had to stimulate her clit every time to the point of orgasm before she let me inside her. Then I found out she had a boyfriend before me that she had sex with about 5 times more often then with me. I wondered if he had to engage in all that foreplay with her too in order to get her off. Turns out no. Why? Because he had a BIG dick! She was so turned on by his big dick that all he had to do was pump her until she went wild. I could not get that image out of my head and it ultimately led to our break up. Insecurity about penis size is a REAL issue no matter how many psychologists or friends tell you it’s a silly obsession. It’s NOT just in your head. It’s in your head for a REASON! Experience tells us that if you can hardly feel a woman’s pussy when you’re inside her then SHE CAN HARDLY FEEL YOU! And no matter how much they try to reassure you, you KNOW that you’re not doing it for her. But she may love you for other reasons. And someone who loves you will not want to hurt your feelings. So they will change the subject or tell you not to worry about it. Why do think so many women get breast implants? Because the KNOW bigger breasts are more of a turn on. Why would it be any different for a man’s penis. Even more so because the penis is actually used during intercourse where as the breasts are not. So Gore, and all others who are insecure about your penis size. You all are perfectly NORMAL. That’s why we’re all here. To try to do something about a very real problem.

Gotta say it again

Guys, I hate to be a bore or a know-it-all. I’m STILL pee-shy, and maybe I should apply some of my own advice to that: just hasn’t been a big deal lately.

These hang-ups are things you’re HANGING ON TO. I honestly believe that all the positive thinking in the world ain’t gonna do dick (sodaspeek) if you’re just slathering it onto a perception of the world that’s twisted and hamstrung with fear and illogic (ill logic). Yes, you may be getting constant (imagined constant) feedback from your world saying needle-dick, but what you do with that, is the same you need to do with the past stuff.

Look it straight in the eye. Accept its presence. Ask yourself: do I want this feeling/this emotion/these psychological handcuffs? If the answer is NO, then consciously choose to LET IT GO.

And do it again. And again. And again. Make it a habit.

I don’t want to sound facile, and I don’t want to make it sound like this releasing is going to happen the first time you try. But if you do it every day for a few minutes, sooner or later you’re going to feel a shift happening in your consciousness. Maybe your dick is smaller than 90% of the Kinsey survey - but you’re here, you’ve got support, you’re not alone, you know PE works, and FUCKIN A you’re doing something about it!!!!

And I know most people don’t want to do it all themselves - that’s why people dribble all over themselves about spending $100 on a device to hang weights when they can make a hanger themselves for $2 (btw, see photo of me hanging 30# with it at http://penis-enlargement-manual.thu…002/weights.htm, and please please please study the toilet paper tube drawing on the home page before you start deciding I’m just a lucky hung guy). Despite my resourcefulness with PE, I don’t think I could have pulled off the releasing all by myself - I got it from the Sedona Method course, and that’s why Tom Hubbard, Mr. DIY, recommends so strongly that you drop the cash if you need to in order to drop your hangups.

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>>So they will change the subject or tell you not to worry about it. Why do think so many women get breast implants? Because the KNOW bigger breasts are more of a turn on. Why would it be any different for a man’s penis. Even more so because the penis is actually used during intercourse where as the breasts are not. So Gore, and all others who are insecure about your penis size. You all are perfectly NORMAL. That’s why we’re all here. To try to do something about a very real problem.>>

Your analysis is spot on and the advice is good, DO something about it - yes that is why we are all here, but part of doing something about it may not have any thing to do with making our dicks bigger - it may have something to do with fostering a sense of reality and accepting what cannot be changed. Or accepting whatever amount I can change it. (for instance starting out at 6” as I did, I may have desired a 10”er but I have to accept that I may get to only say 7 - 1/2” or some where less than that or not get any increase at all. So yes make it bigger if it is possible, but recognize that your life’s worth and your worth as a mate to a woman is much more than the size of your dick. Confidence, or projecting confidence, power and influence - or at least being able to project those, the ability to provide “nicely” these are a huge aphrodisiac for women and for most women these are the things that count the most.

Gorf :

>>Oh BTW, I’m about 6-6.25” length and 5”(or so) at the base and about 4” at the tip. Surveys say this is normal - HOW THE FUCK CAN IT BE?! Has she dropped on lucky and got an ABOVE AVERAGE dick every time? She must be the luckiest woman alive eh? Not ONE person smaller than me in her sample group?>>

Ever go to a casino and watch somebody win ten or so hands of blackjack in a row. I have. Plenty of times. Each event (new lover)
for your current girlfriend was a 50-50 chance of happening on to someone bigger than average (you). If someone can win 10 hands of blackjack in a row then it is very possible that all her lovers before happened to be above the 50th percentile in dick size. From reading your post you may need to let this obsession go and actually believe that you are average (you are), or you may need to choose a mate that is less experienced and has been less lucky. Listen, you are with someone literally old enough to be your mother - you are just using her for a time are you not? Can you actually picture spending your life with her. Imagine when you are 60 and still in fair shape having to visit her in the nursing home. You are normal in size you need to imprint this idea and quit convincing yourself you are inadequate, you are not!!!!!!!

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

Great responses!

I want to thank tom_hubbard and luvdadus for their intelligent and balanced responses. I had no idea that PE enthusiasts were so profound! One would probably think that we are all a bunch of shallow and vain egomaniacs :) How far from the truth when you read these responses. I suppose those who seek self-improvement in all areas of life are generally intelligent and thoughtful people. Makes sense. Well, thanks again guys. Now I know where to go for philosophical questions on the meaning of life too.

One of my current “friends” considers me kinda small at 7.25X6.25

she was been with over 20 guys, all of them hung like a horse. One of her ex’s is bigger soft than I am hard, I met him and you can see the damn thing coiling around in his pants. Just weird luck on her part? does she spot guys with big wangs? HellifIknow.

Running a Massive Co-Front.


Dude, you have to be kidding me!! I’ll be lucky to get to your size (i’m currently 5.75nbpx5.5eg) and she thinks YOU are kinda small?!! I’m beginning to think I could have a 10 x 8 unit, and some chick would say “well, my last boyfriend was bigger than you…”. I’m beginning to wonder if the all of the blood, sweat, and tears is worth it. I’ve been exercising my ass off and I hope that I see some kind of result when I measure again in a few weeks.

I would recommend dumping your “friend”. She couldn’t be good for the self esteem! I’m telling you that most women would be perfectly happy with your size (at least that’s what I want to believe anyways… heheh).

The more postings I read like yours, the more I think some women are just never satisfied… I guess we all just need to stay away from them and let the porn stars take care of them.

Anyway, man, I just want you to know you should be proud of your unit. I hope to get there someday…




Dude, I’m about the last person on earth to give anybody advice on this…. and I’m not gonna start now! heheh. I just wanted to tell you that I completely feel your pain, man. You sound just like me! I have been consumed with my “problem” for so long now, but just recently it seems to effect everything in my life. It seems my world revolves around it… because if I’m not feeling sorry for myself, I’m so raging mad, I could kill somebody.

I do want to say that I don’t think you should stick with this woman. I know you said that you are in love with her, but trust me, if you know that you’re the smallest she’s been with, you will think about that every single time you have sex…. and then you will probably not want to anymore… and it will all fall apart. So, if I could give you any advice at all, it’s to get away from her instead of putting yourself through all of that. She probably has no idea (or doesn’t care) how much this concerns you. I think most women really don’t care if you have feelings of inadequacy. They don’t want to have to deal with it, too. I’m sure they don’t care because they think it’s not their fault, or their problem, so why should they care.

Don’t get me wrong. I haven’t figured anything out and I don’t know you well enough to give you life direction, especially when I’m still an overly-obsessive rage machine, myself! But I have taken a little comfort in one little sentence. “F*ck It!” And do you know why? Because I’ve figured out that I’m the only one that is as concerned about it as I am. They don’t care! Then why should we?!! When you get really pissed about this, just say that… and then whenever you get 5 or 10 minutes alone… EXERCISE! It has really made me feel better. I kind of shake off some of the pressure with that little sentence… and do my exercises for me. If some chick notices someday, fine… I’m not gonna hold my breath, though… because I’m not gonna set myself up to just to get pissed again.

Anyway, dude, I hope I don’t sound like a lunatic… I just wanted to try to tell you that I feel exactly the same way and maybe give you something to take a little of the pain away. I have figured out that sitting around and being pissed instead of exercising, doesn’t do a damn bit of good. If you ever need to talk, man, just let me know…



Let’s face it. Any woman who has had 20 boyfriends and each one of them was hung like a horse HAS TO BE LOOKING FOR THAT. No way is it just luck! That’s like saying getting a full house 20 times in a row in poker is just luck. IT JUST DOESN”T HAPPEN, unless you cheat. So she knows what she’s doing. She either finds out by asking these guys subtle or not so subtle questions or she checks out their package when they’re wearing wet swim trunks or something like that. But there is no way statistically that it could be pure luck. But she’ll never admit it because she probably doesn’t want you to think she is shallow.

Another way size queens can do this is to ask around thier circle of aquaintances about who has the big dick. So it getting 10 or 20 hung in a row can be due to chance but some chicks stack the deck in favor of getting this, question is if that is the case is that the type of chick one would want to stay with long term?

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!


Just as i started doing this i thought

“hey wouldn’t it be cool if it got about that i was hung and got some chicks that way”

but then you do have to think - screw that. I have had my share of f%&*ed up chicks. I can’t be arsed with any more, certainly not long term.

It will be cool though when i find one i really like and i can give her something a bit better than the usual! heh heh - pe is f%&*ing great!!

See Ya,


probability of girl having 20 hung horses????? No Way!

Gimme a break.

Our “lady” claimed all the guys she had, some twenty some odd, were hung like a horse. Let’s call that well over seven
inches, since the member in question that was called “small” was itself over seven.

Man this is absurd.

The single event probability that a guy has a dick that large is one percent or less. Beyond 8.5, it is infetesimal. Go look at
Kinsey, Masters and Johnson, the condom survey, the Chartham Study, etc, etc, ad infinitum. They all say the same thing.

Now, the question is what is the probability that any woman could find 20 out of 20 lovers, or say, 20 out of 21, or
even 20 out of 30 lovers, so endowed?

The answer is so close to zero that for all intents and purposes, she is not telling the truth.

This is impossible, unless she was, as one suggested, to “select” only hung guys. That too is virtually impossible in most
cases, given the documented statistical distribution of penis size. Maybe she could have found some, but most all of
her lovers (21), no way Jose. To do what she says she did would involve her “SCREENING” some ten to twenty thousand men. Gimme a break.

Just thought I’d put some perspective on something that is not possible.

Would have to go along with that

No disrespect for others parts of this thread (things I myself have suffered and many of us only know too well), things just don’t work out.

Besides, as we have mentioned many a time before : since when has a women been able to accurately guess penis size?

And here’s something for you.

I was having a fling with a flatmate (6 mth thing) who had great breasts, large enough to tit-fuck her.

Well, then I started going out with a babe with pertier smaller breats, and I missed those other ‘babies’. Well, after a year I began to stray a little, and found myself having an affair with my ex flattie.

Strangely enough, I now missed my GF’s boobs, and it took a little to get acquainted with my lost friends.

Not exactly the same thing as cock size, but bears some relation to penises.


Well thinking back, about 2 hours after we met she asked me point blank if I was big…lol Really shy kinda girl. Yea, I am well aware of the statistics, I am a little small… within the group of the 20 some guys she has been with. Once again, glad for the girth, some would find her roomy. I also know some guys that she has quite litterly crushed “Sorry, you are to small for me”.
Im not thin skined in the sex department, so it didnt bother me that I was closer to the small end of her guys. Also, skill, empathy, and endurence will see you through most everytime.

( kinda funny though, a little small @ 7.25X6.25….lol)

Running a Massive Co-Front.

takes all kinds

Iamaru, she was probably a member of the 8” minimum club. There are women like that. Some have a minimum height requirement for the guy they will date- you know, like no one under 6 feet. And some have a minimum dick requirement for sex- no one under 8 inches. I know she dated you anyway, but she obviously has a preference. It takes all kinds. But she better be pretty damn good looking if she is THAT picky! Yeah, Pamela Anderson can get all the 8+” or even 9+” guys she wants. But that’s Pamela Anderson! Anyway, women with minimum dick requirements can really blow away a guy’s self-esteem if you’re unlucky enough to run into them. They should be outlawed! ;)

And any woman who thinks 7.25”X6.25” is on the small side probably has an unusually large and stretched out vagina. Or she is just plain wacky!


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