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I hear ya!


Hey man, there’s alot of us in the same boat as you. I’m about the same length as you, but less girth. I exercised for 5 weeks, then missed a few months but now I’m back at a regular routine and sticking with it. I never had a girl come out and say I was small, but from one girl I know what she thought. It sucks. I will say this and hopefully it helps, in the 5 weeks I gained 3/8” erect. That’s not alot, but picture what 6 months may do. Relatively speaking, that’s a small amount of time compared to 14 years ago. Good luck, pick a routine, vary it until it suites you, and stick with it. You’re not alone.



Hey BelowAvg,

You should really change your name, you are not below average! Your length is at worst average and your girth is certainly above average.

I would like to make a comment about your experiences as a 16 yr old. I am assuming that the girls you were “with” were also teenagers. The fact is, girls that age are very cruel, and many of them lie about everything. At that age they begin to realize they can screw with our minds and get away with it. From what I have gathered from experiences of personal friends and people I’ve met on the forums is that it’s pretty common for young girls to play mind games like that.

Also, have you considered that you may not have been fully developed at the time? I didn’t stop growing naturally until I was about 20.

I know what we all say to you isn’t going to erase 14 years of mental anguish and repressed feelings about your penis size. We all have had bad experiences in the past which we carry with us forever, the most important thing is how we deal with them. These guys have given you great advice.

Good luck


other skills...

Originally posted by Glenn Delta
Because of my size, I develolped very good skills at fucking. I could cum and within 90 seconds start pumping again. I had a 2 women, each had been married for several years prior say they’d never had an orgasm with a man until they went to bed with me. You know what? I didn’t care about that, I just cared about my small dick size.

I know what it is to be obsessed about this because I am too. Drives my wife crazy when I tell everyone I have a little dick - guess it’s sort of my defense mechanism. Man, I can’t even piss in a public restroom because if this and that truley rules my social activities.

I think, through Thunder’s site, I can get some help, both physically and mentally. I’ve privately corresponded with several guys on this site and everyone is there to help, but you need to stop beating up on yourself. Oh yes, when can I come over so we can trade?

Glenn [/B]

You truly know my pain!! I have had those same thoughts! I really developed some great oral skills, because I thought I wasn’t adequate enough to do the job for real. I have always tried to make a girl orgasm before I even showed her my penis. My thinking was that she would be much more forgiving if she had already had an orgasm…. but I end up thinking that after a great intro, I just let them down, because I couldn’t finish it off well… and to be honest I didn’t have too many come back for more.

I’ll say it once again… IF I’M “NORMAL”, WHY DO WOMEN EXPECT SO MUCH? That drives me crazy!!

Now that I’m married, she says she likes me just fine, but I don’t believe her, because what is she gonna say? “no, I think you have a tiny penis.” I don’t think so…. but I drive her crazy with my insecurities about it… and now she never wants to have foreplay (my specialty) and wants to get straight to it… and rarely has an orgasm… that doesn’t help anything… and now its been months since the last time… and I don’t know if our marriage is going to last much longer.

I know that I have been angry… and I’m seriously making an effort to not be… and be positive. I’m exercising alot. Tryin to make a positive change.



Re: I hear ya!

Originally posted by PullinIt
I never had a girl come out and say I was small, but from one girl I know what she thought. It sucks.


Dude. I know… and if we are about the same, I have learned (actually, it has been beaten into my head by the members here… (love you guys)) that we are very normal size…. not even really on the low end of normal.

I think I want to change my name to:





Hi Below (who ain’t really):

Yup, I sure as hell know your pain. Yes, my foreplay routine had a girl near orgasm before I enetred her, trouble is, they always want to grab and pull your dick while you’re doing it to them. I wouldn’t let them touch me down there. Probably missed out on a lot of fun (but perhaps STD’s, too). I always regretted I couldn’t do many of the different positions either because of length, altho most of us go back to 2 or 3 of the “usual” positions. I had always wanted to particpate in some of the orgy-type sessions my friends invited me to (but maybe this was a fantasy) but I just imagined walking around with a 4” hard on - with very little girth - while my friends were 7 and 8, I’d rather be smacked in the head with a brick.

You feel if you’re normal, why do women expect so much? It’s only my opinion, but I think YOU’RE expecting too much - we both do. I think you and I (as well as many guys out there) have done such a head job (the one above our necks) on ourselves, and that we think so little of ourselves sexually, that even if we did get a compliment, we’d just think the girl was “humoring” us or feeling sorry for us. I know my wife has always said you’re not as little as you think, well, I’m sorry darl’in, but a 4 x 4 dick IS little, no matter how you cut it.

Yes, I too have driven my wife crazy about my obsession, in fact, I think she’s just gotten disgusted with the whole thing and it’s really my fault. In fact, I’ve withdrawn from her - sexually - and we haven’t had sex in several years, now ain’t that a pile of shit. I really have no one to blame but myself because I’ve let this penis thing get so totally out of control I can’t see past it. This is where I think Thunder will come into play and be a big help to both of us. It’s really weird to be “talking” with other men about our dick sizes and asking to see before/after pictures - my God, I AM a pervert after all - but seriously, Below, everyone I’ve met on this site has been nothing put encouraging and gracious. We all may want largers penises for different reasons, but we’re all striving for the same end.

You’ve gotten responses from other guys on this site, and I think they’re gonna be a big help to you. While you’re a lot bigger than I, you’re still going through the same head trips as I am. There’s a guy on this site who lives in CA that’s a little older than I - (I’m 57) and while I wouldn’t be presumptious enough to give you his name, he’ll probably see one of your posts. He’s a very wise man and has given me some outstanding advice - mostly on the fact that I can lick this problem, both mentally and physically, if I WANT to rather than sit back and whine about, altho he hasn’t used those exact words..

I wish you a very good weekend, my friend, and if you want to email me directly, it’s


belowaverage - believe it or not, your penis is bigger than what i am aiming for. i am currently about 4x4 and i am aiming for 5.5”. i think if i reached that length i would be the happiest man in the world. like glenn, i can’t go pee in the stalls because i am embarrassed that someone would see my small penis. sometimes i hold my pee in for HOURS if there is a crowded bathroom. i’m also a 20 yr old virgin because i am ashamed of my small penis. i have lost all my confidence and find myself constantly thinking about penis size, and its killing me.

but as for your question, “why do women expect so much”, “and why are they so cruel” - its because we have been ‘cruel’ to them for so many years. you always hear guys talking about how they like big breasts, and guys making fun of girls with small breasts. this is a way they can get back at us.


btw, does anyone know any good fitness message boards?

Hey Wanna

You are not alone in that fear of public peeing.

I suffered that all my life up to a few months ago.

Trust me, even if erect gains take time in coming and are not that big, flaccid gains are another thing. I am now “proud” of my flaccid. I have a flaccid I always dreamed about, but I’m still not happy. Sometimes it seems a little on the thin side, so although it’s sometimes 5” long when peeing, I’m afraid some guys will call me spagetti dick!

I always give it a tug or two (or a hidden squeeze/kegel) and it does wonders.

I can now Pee in public, and don’t suffer from “stage fright” either.


it's unbelievable, but true!!

I always thought my “stage fright” was something other than my insecurities about my size… and it has always been very difficult for me to go at one of those troughs at football games or concerts. Sometimes, I would have to go so bad… and couldn’t because there were 50 guys standing around me.

What’s unbelievable is that I’ve only been PE’ing for about 2 months, but my flaccid size has changed quite a bit! I went to a concert the other night (Puddle of Mudd) and I stood at the trough and was proud to show it for the first time in my life. I felt no stage fright at all! I couldn’t believe it!

Even if I never gain anything else, that alone would be worth it! I thought I was the only one!!! Thanks, guys!




I forgot to say that I disagree with your theory on the “why do women expect so much” thing. I don’t think that it is their way of getting back at us for teasing about breast size or anything related to that. I don’t want to get into the whole discussion of penis size, but I believe that it is society that teaches all of us, women and men, that bigger is better. It has always been that way, and always will be. I have even seen girls that have personally told me that penis size doesn’t matter, go out with a guy only because her friends told her he had a big penis… and I don’t think she was lying when she told me that, I just think that it’s been put into all of our heads that bigger is better and she wanted to see for herself.

I personally don’t think that women intentionally put this pressure on us, but they do. I guess I kinda answered my own question…

Why do women expect so much?

… or did I?



Bingo Below:

We ARE the ones who put pressure on ourselves, ‘cause we are the ones with the head problems. We’ve obessesed so much about our dicks that we relate everything to them. I can’t pee anywhere where someone might walk in at any time or on airplanes and this is a hell of a problem. I’d like to get into more about this, since several of us have this problem, but do not have the time this afternoon. When I’m on a long flight like from Atlanta to Japan - well, I can’t pee in the airport and you need to be there 2 hours before the flight - then the flight is 13 hours (if it leaves on time) and customs is another hour and the transport from the airport to the hotel is another 2 hours. Add that up gentlemen - it’s a long-ass time. I do not comsume any liquids for 24-hours before the flight and certainly none while I’m on the plane. The last time, I went back to coach, which was very empty and went into the bathroom. The minute I whipped my dick out I started saying to myself, there are people right outside the door and right outside these thin walls, they’re gonna see your little dick and make fun of you.

Now guys, you don’t have to say it - that Glenn’s a fucking loon. But that’s how I get myself all worked up and it is I who have put the pressure on myself, not anyone else. So, below, we need to look at ourselves and figure out what to do. I don’t know for myself. I’ve spent a good $10,000 on therapy and the problem has only worsened through the years. That’s why I’m hell bent to do this PE stuff. I’ve only been at it for about 8 days, sore as hell, but I think it’s my only chance. I’m primariliy interested in flaccid ledngth, enough for me to go in the public room and pee like a “nroaml” guy.



Do you still have the same problem if you try to pee sitting down (obviously not at the urinal!! :leftie: )?

lil1 :littleguy

BPEL (5") | 13 | 14 | 15 | 16 | 17 | 18 | 19 | *20cm* (8")

MTSL (5") | 13 | 14 | 15 | 16 | 17 | 18 | 19 | 20 | 21 | 22 | 23 | 24 | *25cm* (10") MTSL = Maximum Traction Stretched Length

"Pertinaciously pursuing a penis of preposterously prodigious proportions." What a mouthful!

Glenn Delta

Glenn -

And I thought _I_ had a bad case of urinalititis!

But there is a cure, so stay the course. For me, flaccid gains were very slow in coming, they lagged way behind erect gains, but they did finally kick in.

If I can pee without fear (in fact with a certain pride) between arriving flights at LA International with a line of men waiting behind me to get at a wall of all-occupied urinals, you will, too, one of these days.



u will get bigger

Hi, our self conceptions are weird things. Iv been told over and over by lots of women that Iv got a nice fat dick. Even so, I never really quite believed that 5.5”s girth was chunky, until I started researching wieners on line. Everyone here, whether they started at 4” or 8”, wants a bigger one. Also, everyone here can sympathize, and we will all offer what support we can, and not just about getting a bigger dick. It seem that after fessing up to not being happy with the size of ones willie, it is a lot easier to talk about self esteem issues and other problems that macho guys aren’t supposed to have.

I certainly wish you all the best on reaching 7”, 8”, 9”, etc… or whatever your goal may be. But please, work on being happier with your self as well. Otherwise, even WHEN you have a bigger dick you will find something else to feel insecure about (I like my dick, just want it bigger. But I am speaking from personal experience. It is easy to find something to feel that we don’t measure up on).

Also, visualization and a positive mental attitude are essential to growing. If you hate your pecker, don’t want to even look at it or touch it…Try and look at it as a work in progress, you and your dick are a team, your dick would rather be big, etc, whatever works. And give it time!!! Some guys grow fast. I haven’t, not at all, but this stuff does work. In the time it has taken me to gain .75” some guys have gone up 2”. You know what? I really don’t care, eventually Ill get where Im going.

In the last 2 years Iv lost my wife, my business, my cars and house. I have had to move halfway across the country and nearly lost use of my legs to a car accident. And ya know what? Im a happy guy.

By all means, get a bigger dick. But it sounds like you have been dumping all your insecurities, anger and resentment on your penis. At some point you will have to deal with that stuff, and find ways of dealing with it in the future for when you have a big one.

Don’t mean to come across as a hard case, Iv been to hell and back my self, so I truly do sympathize. And forget that size doesn’t matter bullshit! We all know better on that one. Just please work on the other stuff as well, best wishes & stick with it.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

I think I posted this somewhere else, probably another forum. I think girls really like confidence. Although I dont have much confidence. I always pretend to be completely confident when having sex. I try to make her believe this is the best sex she has ever had. If I dont believe it, I cant get her to. I guess you have to change your way of thinking while having sex. I think insecurites are a big turn off for the women, although I am just as guilty. Actually if I ever get far enough to have sex, I am really confident that it is really good sex. That is about hte most confidence I have about anything.

Hi iamaru:

Thanks for putting things in prospective - what’s that old adage, something about bitching because I had no shoes until I met a man with no feet? Funny, I use this same logic when my son whines about something - guess I better look in the mirror.



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