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I found Thunder’s Place about 2 months ago, and have been reading everything every chance i get. It was a good thing I found this place before I totally lost it. I don’t know why, but in the last six months or so, I have become increasingly obsessed with my penis size. For many years I had accepted that I’m just below average, and that’s the way it is. I’m currently 5.75 nbpel x 5.5 eg. Actually, my psychosis probably relates back to the first 3 girls that I had sex with, about 14 years ago. One of them was especially brutally honest. She had no problem letting me know that I was about half the size of her last boyfriend… and she talked very fondly of the times she had with him. Obviously for a 16 yr old guy, this had a crushing impact! My next girlfriend was not nearly as brutal, but she had also said that her last boyfriend was much larger than me. Needless to say, these relationships ended quickly…. I couldn’t or wouldn’t have sex with them after that. I had put that away so many years ago, and just moved on and had more girlfriends that did not complain about my size, but it always lingered in my mind that I was not enough for women. I got married eventually, and have been ok.

Well, as I said earlier, in the last six months or so I have begun to dig up all of these terrible memories. i don’t know why. Actually, I think I started thinking about it again when I saw an advertisement for Longitude. I thought, “Wow! Finally I can be a real man!”… but, of course, I’m skeptical… and after doing some research, I found this site. I only wish I had learned this stuff about 15 years ago!!!

Anyway, I have gotten so angry about my size recently, that I have episodes of incredible rage. Like when I’m driving or someone gets on my nerves a little too much… and I know it’s all related to my seemingly powerlessness over my problem. I’ve been jelqing for about 2 months with some manual stretches, but don’t see much, if any, results. I work out at the gym alot, and show good gains there, but I think I do that just to overcompensate for my lack of manhood.

My wife thinks I have gone crazy, and maybe I have. We have not had sex in about 3 or 4 months, because I don’t feel that I’m even adequate anymore. I don’t even masturbate. I used to all the time. Now I can’t stand to look at my penis, much less play with it… and the only time I do touch it…. it’s all business (jelqing, etc.)

Hiding doing my excercises is difficult. I never have time alone to do them. I would do ALOT more, if I could. i would love to try some hanging, but it would be near impossible to find time or be alone to do it. It all just makes me angry. I am just miserable.

I just wondered if anyone is in my position, or has the same feelings i have…. i certainly hope not…



Hey belowaverage

You are not below average…Far from it. Cut yourself some slack, start excersizing. You need to take a break from yourself—believe me, I know what I am talking about. This mental state will get better overtime, if you want it too. You do not state how old you are. But I bet, your job sucks, your marriage is on hold, and you are somewhat depressed. Try excersize first to defuse your anger. Good Luck!

What you need


I heartily recommend you spend a couple hundred bucks on the Sedona Method and do it. NOW. It’s got a money-back guarantee, but you won’t want your money back, I’m pretty sure of that.

I got into an emotional crisis last year (unrelated to PE) where I felt my reality was falling apart. Well, in fact, it was, but that’s not a bad thing: that’s called growing, like a snake shedding a skin. I got the Sedona method in desperation. A year later, the same clawing, gnawing, anxiety-provoking issues are here again - but I’m letting them go, and this year I’m sailing throught the waves, instead of being rolled by them. I’m in control. A year ago I was out of control. Learning and practicing this incredibly simple and liberating technique made the difference.

If you can imagine a snake unable to shed its skin, you get a good picture of what you look like emotionally now: desperately writhing, trying to shake off dysfunctional feelings, and finding that they’re sticking no matter what you do.

What if you could just let them go? Could you do that?

Would you?


Below average? Not!

Tom Hubbard’s advice is sound. You need to think positive. You are not small. I started PE with 5.75 bpel and 4.00 inches eg. After two and a half years of PE, I still am hoping to reach 5.5 in eg. I rejoiced when I hit 5.0 inches eg! I think that many young sluts blur their penis size perspective by being unduly impressed with the “shower” type. Write off those experiences to the fact that they were young and ignorant. Let it go. You’ve got above average girth and average length. It sounds like it’s not an issue with your wife. Replace your pessimisim with optimism and resolve to use PE to become a super sex stud for your wife, not to atone for inadequacies you may have felt in your past.

J Meister "Building a phallus worthy of worship."

One other thing

You’ve got this lingering anxiety from when you had sex at age sixteen.

I’ve got a lingering anxiety from when I DIDN’T have sex at age sixteen (despite the chance - I “blew it”). Never “made it” as a teenager, and have always felt like some kind of retard because of that (and emotionally, probably I was).

So reading about you having sex as a teenager stirs up in me frustration/humiliation/anger that I’ve tried to keep buried. My advice to myself is the same as my advice to you: acknowledge those feelings, let them be, then let them go. There may be many layers, but just start choosing to let go, and keep letting go until their impact on you is gone.

How? That’s where the Sedona Method is a lifesaver.


I wasn’t sure I should post this morning or not, but I’m glad I did. You guys know what I’m going through, and hearing where you started and what’s possible, helped to put things in a little better perspective.

I feel I’m a pretty smart, logical guy… so i know that the feelings I’ve been having are pretty irrational and don’t make much sense to someone that is not in my head. I have thought, “if I just had a huge penis, my troubles would be gone”, even though I know that isn’t true. I can’t explain it, but it’s just the way I feel. I think the support in this group is great… I’m really glad I ended up here.

By the way, i’m 30 years old and i probably spend to much time in the gym trying to make myself into some stud… It has always been a way to make myself feel better before…. but when it wasn’t working anymore, and I was working out harder than ever… I knew I needed to talk to someone. I have been angry all the time. Just hearing from you guys has made my day. Thanks.

Tom, thanks for the idea. I’ll check that website out. It would probably do me alot of good.

….now if I can just figure out how to get more time for PE… I think I could get a handle on all of this.



belowavg, welcome to the board. I know exactly how you feel. I have been through the same thing. Although almost all average guys wouldnt admit it, we probably have all thought like you. We all ended up here for a reason I guess. When me and my ex-girlfriend broke up, I automatically thought, if my dick was huge she would have never broke up with me, or if I was rich this never would have happened. Even if this were true, I now know what kind of girl she really is. I have learned to look at things in a good way. Change things that arent working and hope for the best. Happyness is 90% perception and you can not dwell on the bad things, they may not even be bad anyway. By the way, your girth is huge, I dont care what those girls say. Good luck with everything and stay postive.

belowavg, Two guys were in the Gym Shower Room……Big Dick looks over at Little Dick and said, ” who in the hell do you think you are going to make happy with that little Dick?”… Little Dick looks over at Big Dick and replied, “Me.”

You and I are running “neck and neck” in the size department and I feel that I am average. Lets see how things turn out in the “stretch”. Get positive and stay with this site……

I know exactly how you feel ba, Ive had my share of “making an ass of myself moments”

Ask any girl if they would rather be stabbed or tickled and Ill bet most will say tickled.

Its not a little pecker, Its an anal probe

rethink to the positive

Well I’ve got to put my two cents worth in .

Its funny how we seem to hear so much but only listen to what we want to hear.I must start by saying I am just as guilty as you when I say selfaffirmations are so important yet we both have not given ourselve an even break. just look at our names . Look what we have called ourselves . Just in case we start getting good self esteem we have a reminder of our shortcummings.

I think we should both change our names if thats possible and be positive with our name and attitude.

I like you want this to work and I know it does for some so I am putting my attitude on the line and will be one of those it works for.



Even though I never got to the stage you mentioned, I did have a lot of hangups too, as I guess most guys here did.

And again, 5.75 nbp is certainly nothing to laugh at - many guys here would be happy once reaching that (although I doubt they will stop LOL).

I started out at 5.5 npb, I’m now in my early(ish) 30’s and a 6.25”.

And 5.5 girth is more than what most guys have.

If you look at most size surveys (those which seem more or less reliable) the actual average size is around 5.5” length and less than 5” girth. Like maybe 90% of guys fall between the 5” and 6” mark (without reaching it this latter).

I once knew of a case of two guys who were obsessed with dick size. One thought he was well hung and the other thought he fell short - The first constantly ribbed the second because of this (the first did have a big flaccid). Well, one night after a few drinks they decided to measure, and lo and behold the second actually had a slightly longer and somewhat fatter penis than the first, who promptly developed a terrible hangup and is probably lurking on these pages.

I suggest doing PE, make it really fat, go back to those bitches, and rip their asses apart - hurt them and forget them.


Hi Below:

I’ll trade dicks with you today if you’d like. I’m 4 x 4 erect. ( I use a tape measure and go from the base to the tip and then around for the girth). But I realize my sarcasm doesn’t help YOU. Certainly, I’m not a therapist but it sounds as tho you’re dealing with more than penis size as far as your anger goes and if your anger controls your life as it seems to, you might consider some counseling.

The first time I went to bed with a girl was when I was 22. I had chances long before, but I was terrified of what a girl would say when she saw my penis. Hell, I even thought of stuffing kleenex in the condom along with my dick to fake her out. Of course every time I broke up with a girl, I blamed it on my penis size. It’s too damned bad that in our society - size, whether it
it’s dicks, breasts or fast food - is everything. Of course a lot of us will say, it’s not the size, but the way you use it that impresses a woman - that’s bullshit. Because of my size, I develolped very good skills at fucking. I could cum and within 90 seconds start pumping again. I had a 2 women, each had been married for several years prior say they’d never had an orgasm with a man until they went to bed with me. You know what? I didn’t care about that, I just cared about my small dick size.

I know what it is to be obsessed about this because I am too. Drives my wife crazy when I tell everyone I have a little dick - guess it’s sort of my defense mechanism. Man, I can’t even piss in a public restroom because if this and that truley rules my social activities.

I think, through Thunder’s site, I can get some help, both physically and mentally. I’ve privately corresponded with several guys on this site and everyone is there to help, but you need to stop beating up on yourself. Oh yes, when can I come over so we can trade?


I'm trying...

I really hear what you’re saying… and I have been really trying to back off and not be so hard on myself. A positive attitude makes all the difference in the world… but for some of us, a positive attitude takes alot of work. I’m exercising like crazy (I hope I’m not doing too much), and I’m not going to measure for a couple of months… I know the most positive thing in the world for me would be an increase.

From the responses I have gotten to my original post, I’m beginning get the idea that I may be in the “normal” category. Actually, probably half of the reason I have been convinced that I was small all of these years, was because I am definitely not a shower… I’m tiny flaccid. Hopefully that will change with some consistant exercising… for a couple of years…

I guess what I don’t get is if I am “normal”, then why have some women convinced me that I am not… and why do women expect so much? It’s weird to think of myself as normal. I’ve never felt that I was.

Heheh… I’d love to find those bitches again… but with a huge penis! They are probably fat and nasty by now. That was nearly 14 years ago!! I’m sure the time has been more kind to me than them! :)



Re: I'm trying...

Originally posted by BelowAvg

Actually, probably half of the reason I have been convinced that I was small all of these years, was because I am definitely not a shower… I’m tiny flaccid. Hopefully that will change with some consistant exercising… for a couple of years…

I guess what I don’t get is if I am “normal”, then why have some women convinced me that I am not… and why do women expect so much?


As to the first comment, my case exactly. I am very pleased with my new flaccid look, and actually hang now about 4-5”. Its unbelievable when I unzip my trousers and pull out a dick…instead of having to stretch out a shaftless head. I will try to post some photos on the weekend to show the diff.

And to the second comment, I ask myself the same. Hey, if some girl said I was small, then hey, I must have been small (when siad in a normal situation - not when someone just tried to fuck my head up). Is it that these girls have had few guys who just happened to have huge dicks? I remember too, my sister once telling me - she is 6 yrs younger than me - that she was surprised by the difference in sizes, after having had three boyfriends. That sort of made me wonder too, and I regret not having asked for more details.



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