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Hey! quit picking on my bud!

Umm… I wouldn’t call what we were doing “dating”..he he. She is a VERY good friend and x fuck buddy. We have a relationship based on honesty, and both tried to scare the other away by being brutally honest when we first met. Neither of us were scared off or intimidated. Me : “Well, I’m not hung like a horse, but I am bigger than the vast majority of guys” Her: “ Your serious? 2 hours is a quickie?” We met at the library, and spent the next 3 days fucking, going to parties, fucking, going out to eat, fucking, hiking in the mountains, fucking… only took cat naps, slept no more than 4 hours the entire time. Kinda taking each others measure, we are now best friends. We go out together & point out likely prospects. She is an x-model and goes for guys over 6’ tall. We were both on the make when we met, and are both extremely picky about our partners. Certain physical characteristics, yes, but even more so, personality (must have one).

“And any woman who thinks 7.25”X6.25” is on the small side probably has an unusually large and stretched out vagina. Or she is just plain wacky!”
…Or in this case both.

Oh, and a funny thing, she really wasn’t all that in bed when we met. She was VERY responsive, and long on endurance, excellent psychological & seduction skills. But short on technique and wasn’t even aware of a lot of what she liked sex wise. Perhaps most overly hung guys think all they have to do is show up and bring their big dick. “Little” dick or not, I know that she had never had someone light her up like a Christmas tree like I do.

I think PE’ers have a big advantage. I think, that as a group, we are way more obsessed about improving ourselves in the sex area than most guys. I think that most of us have taken the time to really know how to please a women. Any thoughts on this?

OK, I’m not going to talk about her any more, just had to stick up for her, cause she is my bud.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

Didn't mean to offend

I’ve got the picture now iamaru. Sounds like she was more inexperienced than wacky. Interesting point you made about well hung guys. Seems generally true that they probably don’t focus much on technique believing the big ol’ johnson is all that’s needed. Good that you taught her something about the finer ways of the art of making love. Bet she won’t settle for anymore crude stallions after her experience with you. It’s also interesting that she didn’t really know what she wanted from sex, or what she was missing.

Anyway keep up the PE exercises and you’ll be both hung like a horse AND a great lover! Maybe that will make you TOO irresistable to woman. Could that be a bad thing? ;)


come on dude…
even though she may have shagged guys bigger than you..
she is with YOU! why is that?..because she likes you..
ok those guys have big slongs..SO…a few moments of pleasureis not enough im sorry…
and you said you were like 6x5 GET REAL…sorry buddy..
but thats my stats..I am over 6 x 5 over…
and I am big for some girls..many girls ask me to slow down and take it easy..and no they aint virgins..fact is when I am hard I have a decent size cock..there is like 1 and half hands around it…
a decent shaft ..and I pound girls too they love it…remember its what you do with is not about dropping your pants and saying look at this baby, she cums just by looking at your cock..
a 6” cock is perfect for sex you can take her anal, virgina, and BJ are great too…
all posistions can be achieved just got to get that thought out of your head that your cocks to small for her as she aint digging your sex, thats your paranoia dude..
get your cock hard and shagg her doggy style or find posistions that make it feel tight on her, pleanty of those around…
hurting a girl with a big rod is not making you a better lover….
dude.ahahhaah your cock is fine, BUT hey..ok don’t get me wrong
I said I am the same as you , so your thinking well what the f$#@K ARE YOU DOING ON THIS BOARD THEN..well I want a bigger cock because maybe the same reason as you REALLY..
personal reasons..NOT FOR THE GIRLS!..couldn’t care less about them…Its about me…my cock totally satisfys them now..
I know..because I am a good lover they have a great night..and I am goodlooking so the all over experience is fine….
and if they had a bigger cock last time..I don’t give a shit..
go shagg his ass then!….but you know what they seem to always find time for me though…..
you know I am not small, and either are you..anything 6” and up is not small..below yes thats small…7” come on porn stars have 7-8 ” cocks…anything more they are consided HUGE!!!!..
and really are remembered for it…LEX STEEL, RON JEREMY, HOLMES etc….
and if girls pussys are to loose for my cock..acually NO THANKS..
I don’t want it..YUCK!..I like then tight but not to tight..and a girl that can control her mussles too is a real bonus hahahahaa…
my problem when I was younger was..that ok I don’t want to sound like I am boasting I am not..but…
ok. I use to get alot of girls because of my looks.straight up, thats it…
so I use to shagg alot, and my friends would shagg girls that I had in the past or vice one girl I realy liked my friend shagged her before me..he is 10” hahhaah yes thats right 10…
so I total gave myself a headache , and convienced myself that she was after cock and cock only…my paranoia killed that relationship…and then when I returned to Italy my mother land I met an Italian guy he was 11” and thick as hell…
JESUS..when he told me that I told him to show me he proudly did I almost fainted…but again we would go out..I would pick up all the girls..and I even ended up shagging two of his ex girl friends, and of course I didn’t feel good at all putting my 6” in there when he had been years before with that 11” beast…
but hey some times charm and looks can get you further..
personally I think a girl would rather keep an average guy..
because 9-10-11” is going to hurt..and after a while it just a cock on a normal guy..the spark has gone..
so buddy thats why she is with you!!!!
you a better dude….and a better a lover I bet..
ohhhhh one more thing…
the italian guy use to try and shoot me down by saying infront of girls that my cock was small…the girls would say compared to you everyone is small, but he is better looking than you..ahahhaa
ohhh one more thing..also my italian friend with 11” couldn’t hold out more than 2 minutes without coming….
now thats a pretty useless gun really isn’t it….

shit this thread is too long….
6” is fine..7-8 I would prefer for personal vanity reasons…
and don’t say your small, because your the same as me..and we are not small, just compared to your girls ex’s we are…
20 guys have shagged her, but she is with you!!!!!!
P.S..hows your gains going?

Earthwalker…….It’s called decaf…try it… he he. (loooong post)

Damn, wish Id never mentioned her. The lady in question and I are best friends and x fuck buddies, and were upfront from day one that we were both seeing other people. I just found it funny to no end that she considered me a lil on the small side.
We have been hanging out for 1 year and I have gotten reeelly good at spotting big packages on guys for her…lol ( once you put your mind to it, and practice looking, you really can spot them).

If you have read any of my post you would know that Iv always been comfortable with my willie. Iv never hade self esteem or paranoia problems about my dicks size or performance. Started @ 6.5X5.5 and Im now @ 7.25X6.25. If someone doesn’t like you because of you skin color, weight, dick size, whatever…That is their problem. I just decided I wanted to be a little bigger, just as I’m continuing to bulk up, even thought my lady friends all like me at 210lbs. I work out & PE solely for ME. I started posting in this thread cause I felt bad that some of the guys were tying their self image & self esteem to nothing other than their dick size.

Yes, she is a size queen, and a little bit psycho as well, but quite picking on her you guys!

Running a Massive Co-Front.


I think I was talking about the other guy..

emm can’t remember and now am at work with not much time to check..but hahahha thats funny dude that you and your ex check out mens packages..ahahhaa

so PEing has worked for you then…cool…

I want to get into it soon, couild you share your secrets, your workout…man you have gained 1” cool…


What’s better than a “size queen” at the bottom of the ocean?










Hey come on now...

I’m relying on these size queens for when i just want some fun with no strings in a few months time!!


See Ya,



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