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Amazed at results after such short time

Amazed at results after such short time

I have done very little actual “work” to get any real gains - just in my spare time, a few stretches (just manual) and a few jelqing sessions - not much.

I never really cared much about increasing size, as I am just fine. I was always 7”BPEL and 5.74 EG.
Thing is, I started to measure the thing out of boredom, and I was appalled that it was not as long as I remember!

I was thinking that I might have been measuring improperly, as I was coming up just over 6” and 5.5” girth - even “rock hard”.

After just a week or so (maybe not even that long) or stretching a little and squeezing a little, I’m back!

7 1/8” BPEL (from the top, honest measurement, no stretching the truth) and 5.75” around mid shaft.

Holy shit.

Either one of two things happened:

1)I was measuring improperly, and I was never as long as I thought. These exercises, in a short period of time gave me just about an inch of length.

2)These exercises improved my EQ (I’ve been reading on the lino the past week) and enabled me to regain what I had in the past.
More likely.

Regardless, Damn..

I may in fact continue this for shits and giggles. It can’t hurt. Well, it can I guess.

I don’t need to be bigger - never had a complaint and it certainly is good enough.
Still, it would be cool to be 8x6. Not unreasonable, if the gains I see on the site aren’t pure bullshit. Then again, nobody’s selling anything, so they probably aren’t.

It’s probably a combination of the both. But the higher EQ is a gain, so believe it and be proud of it :)

I am jealous of your size! If you are starting out with that size in a few years you could be doing porn lol.

PE Goal: 7.5" NBP x 5.8" MSG

7”x5.75” is impressive starting size mate. :) Keep up the good work. I have also been blessed with great newbie gains. Not an inch in a week, though. :P

Start • 5.94''x4.92''

Now • 6.50''x4.96''

Goal • 7.00''x5.75''

I don’t think I gained anything “new”. If anything, I just stretched things back to the way they were.

I know I was at 7” just a few years back - when I measured and it was shorter, I was a bit upset to say the least!

I have a good bit of experience in human anatomy and biology. I know the way the human body is constructed, and how and why something would
Affect the size of the penis. The only way to increase length is to stretch the corpus spongiosum and cavernosum, along with the ligaments.

If you stretch the thing out when it’s flaccid, you might have a 10” hang, but it should swell up to the normal size when erect.
To get the erection increase, the spongy bodies themselves must be stretched, and that seems like it would require blood.

This had me thinking.. Jelqing makes sense in that regard. What about a two handed tandem jelq?

Lube up, one hand on the glans, squeezing hard. The other hand at the base, squeezing hard. Keep pressure and slide the hands towards each other.
This creates a LOT of pressure and a definite feeling of “spongy-tissue” stretching. Much more so than the standard jelq.
Varying it up allows you to concentrate the pressure all over the shaft, and not just towards the end.

Is this a known technique? Is it any more dangerous than the others? I’m curious, as it seems to me, to offer the greatest deal of control and pressure.

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