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Advice from experts on glans problem

Advice from experts on glans problem

I know some of you are very knowledgeable when it comes to the anatomy of the penis, the various muscles and veins and so on.
Until I was 24 years old, I had a really outstanding erection when it came to hardness (and size as I am around 7.75” * 5.8” although really because of the curve it is very hard to measure BPEL).
Girls commented on how hard it was, the glans were full and my penis used to throb and stay erect for an hour if I needed or more, and I could last very long.

Starting at 25 I had a pelvic pain episode that messed up my sexual life. Without getting into the unnecessary details, it is a dysfunction of the muscles in the pelvis (never done PE by that time). Mostly due to stress.
This affected my erection strength and everything. Since then I have recovered some (I would say 80-90% in erection fullness) but not all. One nagging probem was that the glans and the corpus songisum are often not full enough, except when 5 minutes before cumming. It reduces the volume, the sensation (big time), and the confidence. The situation is worse when I lay on my back.

Since my problem is at heart muscular I thought you guys would know which muscle in the pelvis is mostly related to controlling the blood flow in this area. Any thoughts how can this be improved?

I started PE-ing for the sake of not only size but also quality/fullness and it DID help. I would have slightly but noticeably better erection. The problem is that I CANNOT do Kegel, because that would leave me in tremendous pelvic pain. Pain that would radiate throughout my pelvis and down to my legs.

I do not expect people here to be familiar with my condition (pelvic pain syndrome is not that rare), but I just wanted thoughts on what could be the muscle that is messing up my erection and whether this could be worked out somehow.

Thoughts from the experts are MUCH MUCH appreciated :)

The muscle involved in Kegel’s is the [url=[BC muscle[/url].

There are several threads on your problem actually, the longer is here
Deflated Glans and Firm Flaccid: Pelvic Floor Dysfunction

the other ones you can find fast doing an advanced search for ‘soft glans’, title only.

Thanks Marinera for pointing this out. I was not aware at all that this is something familiar to several people here, and that it has been discussed. I think I come at this issue with some new insights I hope. I wrote my story, comments and questions on here: darweiner - Deflated Glans and Firm Flaccid: Pelvic Floor Dysfunction

Let’s discuss over there.

I had that problem too, minus the pelvic pain….. It go to be so bad that with sex I was just pumping away with a hard shaft and a soft head.

The trick I found was to start all over from the ground up with PE and rehab my kegel muscles while working blood through the penis very slowly.

For me this was about holding three sets of kegels for as long as I could while trying to stay as erect as I could. I started with about three sets of ten seconds and worked up to about one set of a minute now.

Though, the biggest improvements in my deflated head issue came from gentle massaging twice a day for about a minute or so. All you have to do is get erect and use your hand to work some blood back into the head so you can gently stretch out those narrowed blood vessels over time. BE VERY GENTLE.

Another thing I might add is to be aware of the pain reflex and keep working the kegels and muscles you have pain in, but stop before you actually feel any real pain, discomfort not included. The reason is once you feel pain you body will respond with a reflex that contracts muscles and blood vessels and over time this can lead to the muscle being in a shortened state 24 7 365. So be careful but be consistent as well.

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