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I know how to dekeratinize your glans.


I know how to dekeratinize your glans.

If your like me and your glans were getting dry and cracked from PEing do not worry. I know how to get rid of them. The best way is to have your own foreskin covering it but if you do not want to restore your foreskin and are circumcised heres what you do. Go to the local pharmacy and buy Silicone Scar Sheets. Yes silicone sheets. Put them over any part of your glans that have grooves or canals from keratinization. Now heres the important part. You need to leave it on for long periods of time. Make sure glans are ALWAYS covered. Except for sex or masturbation. I suggest you do not do PE during this time period because it takes its toll on drying out the glans. Now I did this for one month only removing the pad once a week for a shower and sex. I never checked my glans to see how they looked but after the end of one month my glans have almost zero cracks or grooves from keratinization. Now once you remove the silicone sheets your glans will probably get keratinized or dried out again over a period of time. The cracks have healed up and most likely will not come back though. It worked for me just wanted to share my story. My glans are now shiny and healthy looking.

Thanks for the tip (pun intended). I’ve had my glans keratinized since I was a teenager. I will look for these sheets today. Do you use the same pad all month or is it a disposable item that you put on a new one after a shower?

Originally Posted by JrJohnson

I’ve had my glans keratinized since I was a teenager.

Which means that it’s essentially “normal” for someone who’s had a circumcision and is not necessarily due to PE exercises.

Its not “from pe” but pe definitely makes it worse” Any extra friction on your glans keratinizes them more. The silicone sheets come in about the size of a Photograph. You cut it to the size that will cover the parts of your glans you want to cover. You can use them as long as you want. You can wash them also the stickiness never comes off. I left mine on when i showered. The more your covered the better.

Originally Posted by westla90069
Which means that it’s essentially “normal” for someone who’s had a circumcision and is not necessarily due to PE exercises.

Oh I did PE when I was a teenager and it did cause my problem. It’s just that PE in this case stands for Personal Enjoyment. :D

Yes masturbation can cause some DKing if you do it to much and without enough lube, etc.

If it’s been like that for a long time will these scar sheets still help it heal?

you have to leave them on for long periods of time… Anything that is soft, retains moisture and can be washed will help your glans.

Originally Posted by NeedHalfAnInch

Anything that is soft, retains moisture and can be washed will help your glans.

Like your shaft skin stretched and elongated enough to cover the glans and resembling the foreskin you used to have.

Lol yes westla foreskin restoration is the best option. Couldn’t tell if that was sarcasm or not… If you have actual skin covering your glans chances are dekeratinization will happen within 3 months. For those of us who don’t restore or do not have enough skin yet (like me) this works. Cut a peice of the silicone scar sheet just enough to cover the absorbent fabric part of a bandaid. Put the bandaid over your glans snugly. Then overlap a few bandaids to keep the other bandaid in place. Around the front and back of your glans/shaft. Every morning slide your finger in between the bandaid/silicone and your glans and add some Vitamin E cream. Remove the bandaids after one week. Then repeat. Of course if you have sex or what not you will have to redo it often.

Bandaids should be NEXcare soft n flex because they stay on for days. Try not to get it too wet in the shower though. They do stay on if you get them wet though.

Zero cracks eh? We will see :)

I just got my silicone cone from

It’s the same concept, a bit more practical and a lot cheaper. You should check it out!

I will of course hope for the same results.



No I can not guarantee Zero Cracks. For me it did get rid of all the cracks and grooves. Anyone who is circumcised has some permanent damage. I can guarantee they will diminish. I can not use the Your Skin cone because i do not have enough skin.

Needhalfinch, has the appearance of your glans remained without cracks since leaving it uncovered over the last couple of weeks?

Hey NeedHalfAnInch, it’s really nice to hear that there’s an alternative to foreskin restoration. Just a question, now that your cracks and grooves have all been removed, do you feel any difference when it comes to your SENSITIVITY? Did it improve also because that’s what I’m mainly after.

I think I’m going to give it a try because I’ve been wanting to do foreskin restoration for so long but I just don’t know how I can possibly do it the same time I’m doing PE. Westla, are you doing foreskin restoration the same time you’re doing PE? How do you manage the time?

Needhalfinch, how were you able to keep the scar sheets on during sleep, I imagine nocturnal erections would have made it hard to keep on.

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