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Soft Glans Pelvic Floor problem.

Soft Glans Pelvic Floor problem.

Hi, I think I have injured something in my pelvic floor or penis.

I have squeezed the base and glans at the same time, I felt something weird my erection rapidly fade away, shrunk to a really small size a become very hard. Since than I have all these problems.

Soft/deflated glans, burning when sitting in my butt area, dry penis skin/pealing skin on the glans which is painful.

Weak morning erection, glans 100% soft during natural erection. My glans will fill only when I place a thumb on the dorsal vein during masturbation.

Also I have noticed that when I hold my penis firmly to cover all the veins and press on my glans, it will fill up but when I release my hand it will go soft immediately.

I have pelvic/burning pain often. I think I have damaged something in my pelvic floor, right in front of the anus between the perineum and anus. The mechanism (when you squeeze the glans and you can feel something in the pelvic and you get an erection)

I have all the symptoms of cpps inc symptoms that are not listed on the cpps.

I have been to several urologist, I’ve had an MRI no damage in the penis found.

I’ve had few normal erections during the past 3 years and I felt the pelvic floor more normal. Also when the injury happened, the first few months I have had abnormal erections, it was so hard that it was 100% inflexible the glans was very red and shiny and lots of visible veins in my penis and my flaccid was very hard. Few months later my erection becomed weaker and weaker with the deflated glans.

Any suggestion on what could I have damaged?? That causing me pelvic floor dysfunctions.


Have you stopped all PE completely? To see what happens.

as you have already figured out you have CPPS and the symptoms are always the same for all who suffer from this. This is treatable but requires some work.

The therapy to it is:

- Release the trigger points on your pelvic floor and on the neighboring musles
- Stretch the same muscles after all trigger points are gone
- Strengthen the same muscles

Please go there for more information on what to do:

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