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Glans circulation problem? Try this.


Glans circulation problem? Try this.

I have been doing this exercise for only about a week and I can feel improvement in the hardness of my glans when erect already.
1. Get about a 70%-80% erection
2. Squeeze the base with an ok sign to trap the blood
3. Slowly move up the shaft to the head while maintaining the squeeze
4. When at the head, maintain the squeeze just below the head and with
your other hand, use your palm to “mash” your head. Simply use your
palm to smash your head which forces the blood vessels inside the head
to expand and increase their ability to carry blood.

Trust me, it works.

Interesting >.>

I really need that mate. Let’s see if it works.


What do you mean by “mush” your head, just take the palm of your hand and push down on the head.

Hopefully Fauven will see this thread. The first thread I saw by him was entitled “Button Crush” and was about this kind of technique.

I will try it tentatively and see if it does anything for me.

Great exercise.

At least theoretically, jelqing up till the head & clamping below the head as such puts max. stress in the head. Then you squeeze the head (am I right?) while retaining the other hand clamp below the head, which further adds the extra stress on the head. Beautiful invention SJM!!

What name for this exercise? SJM? Or horse head squeezes? Guess we should folllow the tradition of naming the exercise after the username, in which case it’s SJM??

Funny, I am relatively new to PE and have been doing this instinctively. I bore easily and have to variate things.

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Thanks guys for the compliments and I hope it works for you like it is working for me. LordWorm, when I say mash I mean try to “crush” your head between your grip hand and your free hand. Don’t actually try to crush it but use your off hand in a pressing fashion to build up extra pressure and stress.

I’ve been doing the same thing for couple of months during my jelqy-squeezy session, only that I’m doing it with fingers. Vertically (1) and horizontally (2) pushing the glands so that they expand in the opposite, thumb on the other side and rest of the fingers on the other.
I’ve been kinda hoping this would do some additional stress to tissues to help me increase my head size, but who knows.

tip: Go as hard as possible and squeeeeeeeze all the blood in your head by sliding your first joint (*) of your index and middle finger thru your CS (**) with a real tight standard over hand ok-grip. This is the way I do my dry jelqs, just add the crushing motion.

(*) = Counting from tip of your fingers
(**) = Glood goes in the glands thru your CS / Glands are the expanded end of your CS

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How long should 1 rep be done for, How many reps is good a day?

so by “mushing the head”, u mean just pressing down on it, sorta “flattening” it? This causes the blood vessels to expand?

I also did this instinctively, yes I think it works.

Not sure if this Jelq method has been posted, I did several searches but didn’t really find anything prevalent. I have gotten good results for glans and corpus spongiosum increase from doing this method for several years. Take extreme care in not over doing it, you can bleed from urethra by using to much pressure and you will have to hold off on this type of exercising for a few days to let it heal. I haven’t had this happen in several years since my corpus spongiosum and urethra has toughened up.

With at least 50-90% erection, using the OK method of Jelqing with one hand at the penis base without using clamping pressure until you force the blood of your corpus spongiosum forward. Starting close to your anus/taint with your 3 middle fingers of your other hand and pressing against your corpus spongiosum towards your OK hand, then grip to trap the blood and slowly Jelq towards your glans. You can dry or wet Jelq with this method and alternate hands. Like I said, start off slow, this forces allot of blood towards your glans and can rupture your urethra until you get it toughed up.

Great exercise sjm. It will be part of my routine now. I would caution people to “mash” gently for the first couple of days. I don’t mind red spots on my shaft but not on the glans and this exercise will give you red spots if you mash too hard.

We need a name for this technique, how about the mashed mushroom

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I like it.

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