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Can't get an accurate measurement.

Can't get an accurate measurement.

My penis size varies so much, I can’t get an accurate measurement. When is the best time to measure?

The consensus is to measure at your peak erection. Also make sure all measurements from then on are taken at the same 100% erect level.

As far as your flacid measurements, good luck. I’ve seen people measure after they must have been standing outside in the snow, all the way to 10 seconds after busting a nut. Which isn’t flaccid in my book by the way.

Another option is to stretch your flaccid and measure. That way you don’t have to get your maximum erection, which is hard to do while grabbing a ruler.

bigindian: I agree. This is my experience:
* flaccid: varies too much with temperature and other factors. Never measures it.
* erected length and girth: I have so much sex these days so I cannot get it up strong enough by myself to get a good measurement so I do not measure it either. One day, when having a rock hard morning erection and having the privacy I will take the oppurtunity.
* BPFS: the only reliable measurement, so I stick with it for regular measurements. I measure before work-out and after work-outs when I feel like it and take notes about both measurements.


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