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Learn how to take a good starting measurement

Learn how to take a good starting measurement

On paper I have a .5” BPEL gain and a .5” BPFSL gain. But, I believe some of the gains can be attributed to just getting better at measuring. I used a wooden ruler with some very sharp corners for my first BPEL and BPFSL measurements. Pushing the ruler down hard caused some pain if I pushed too hard so I am not sure if I could have pushed another 1/8” or so. A couple of weeks later I sanded off the sharp corners and edges to give me a more accurate measurement.

Measuring EL and EG can be challenging because by the time I get the ruler or tape in place my penis has already started to change in size. Measuring is a very unstimulating activity. I find BPFSL to be the easiest and most consistently accurate measurement. I learned during my second measurement that my BPEL would measure 1/4” longer if I corrected my slight upward curvature by pressing mid-shaft against the ruler.

Started: 08/26/04 (2 days on then went on a vacation and stopped until 9/9/04)
6.25” BPFSL(Bone Pressed Flaccid Stretched Length)
6.0” BPEL (Bone Pressed Erect Length)
5.0” EG(Erect Girth) mid-shaft
?.?” EG(Erect Girth) base (did not measure)

10/03/04 current and more accurate measurements:
6.75” BPFSL
6.5” BPEL
5.125” EG mid-shaft
5.5” EG base

I started out with the Newbie Routine and worked up to 20 minutes of stretches and 20 minutes of 3-5 second Jelqs. I got tired of watching porno in order to do the jelqs and stopped doing them on 9/23/04.

In place of the Jelqs I ordered a pump from from LAP Dist and added a pump routine to the manual stretches on 10/02/04. The pump is very well made. Mrs. Vegas’ eyes became as big as my penis when I showed it stuffed in the tube to her. As a bonus, when the pump session is over I find I can now finish off by doing a few Jelqs with the massage.

While I am not yet ready to claim victory, things are looking good. I feel I have a handle on how to take consistent measurements and look forward to measuring in another 30 days.

My advice to the newbies is to learn from my mistakes so you know exactly where you are starting from.

Move a little closer, Honey.

I've got a big prick for you.

Nice post man. Good luck.

Pumps tho, do they actually work for everyone. I’m totally a newbie to this & only startin my first workout today.I just wondered what would be more beneficial for me to move onto after I start with manual workouts, to go for pumps or hanging.

Thanks for that post btw.

04/10/04 NBPEL 5.5 inches BPEL 6 inches EG 5 inches FL 3.5 inches Goal for 01/04/05 NBPEL 6.5 inches BPEL 7 inches EG 6 inches FL 4.5 inches An inch all round would make a huge difference.


I would have stuck purely with the newbie routine for my 3 month trial. I believe the newbie routine is the best way to begin. I modified my PE routine only because porno usually bores me.

I still do 20 minutes of manual stretches as the newbie routine suggests. To me, stretching is equivalent to hanging, though it does not match the endurance. But, I am still able to pull pretty hard for the whole 20 minutes without getting fatigued (I’ve lifted weights for fours years).

Porno does not thrill me enough to assist in jelqs and I knew I wasn’t getting a good jelq workout. I felt pumping was a suitable replacement. Because of the pump, I can now get some jelqs in after the pump session so I am happy with my decision.

Does the pump work for me? I will find out in another couple of months when my 3 month commitment is up. If I can reach a solid 6-3/4” BPEL at the end of my 3 month commitment, I’ll be happy and will definitely continue PE. If I happen to reach 7” BPEL, I’ll be ecstatic!

Move a little closer, Honey.

I've got a big prick for you.

Vegas guy, would you mind pm’ing me and letting me know the website you got your pump from and how much it costs? I’ve been very interested in getting a good pump. thanks!!!



Check your email.


Move a little closer, Honey.

I've got a big prick for you.


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