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About the pc muscle i need help

About the pc muscle i need help

can someone please send me a pic and show me where thier pc muscle is because i haven’t found mine yet!

It’s between your bollocks and your anus. Other sites say that to find it, go and pee and stop yourself from peeing mid-stream. The muscle used to do this is the PC muscle. It’s not easy to clench your PC without clenching your anus too.

It’s also the muscle you use to make your erect penis “bounce”.

There was a recent thread that included a picture of a penis describing its parts. One of the things that were shown as well, was the location of the PC muscle. You may want to do a search to find it. The PC muscle is between your penis and anus. It is easily located by placing your hand in that area and flexing that muscle. You flex the PC muscle the same way that you stop urinating. When urinating, simply try to stop the flow. You are using your PC muscle to do that.

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Sometimes, it can be a hard time to try and isolate the PC muscle by imagining it. It can be easier to locate for some people by following the example of abruptly stopping the flow of urine, and this muscle that does the stopping of flow is your PC muscle.

But, what if you wanted to do PC flex techniques and you didn’t have to go to the washroom, yet are still having a time trying to locate it?

Another technique is to try something like this. Trying to localize and isolate a muscle with just your mind and mind’s eye is hard, but, it could be easier done if you were to actually touch your PC muscle. This technique, where you are actually touching a localized spot on your body, in this case the PC muscle, would make it easier for your mind to make the connection from your mind to your PC. This touch sensation at the specific spot, will make it easier to flex with your muscle.

As you become more and more able to perform flex squeezes, you can gradually lessen the application of your touching to a point where eventually, you can do it no problem.

I think there are two “distinct” PC muscles, one near your anus, and one closer to your penis. The one closest to your penis is the one to focus on. In the beginning, you might find that you are “clenching” your anus too. You want to develop the ability to just clench the specific PC muscle that stops the flow of urination.

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