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A simple question about my PE routine

A simple question about my PE routine

Could someone point me to a thread or guide with some basic guidelines on how to increase the reps and intensity of my PE routine. I am doing a newbie routine so anything pertaining to jelqing and stretches would be all I need.

I was not sure if I should increase my reps / stretch duration based on PI or if there was some standardized method (e.g. Increase 30 jelqs per week). I don’t think it could be the latter since we are all one of a kind.

really big. want the biggest.

Try adding a minute of total stretches per week, and 25 jelqs per week. In the same time, you always listen PI’s.

It’s hard to chart a standard of progression, sine too many variables are involved. The golden rule, I think, is : FIRST you raise volume (total time under work and frequency) and only THEN you raise intensity.

Thanks marinera, you’re always on the ball.

really big. want the biggest.

Funny, that sentence, literally translated, in Italian means : “I can’t stand you.”. :)

Sultan is your girth mid-shaft?

Jesus I missed. 17,5 cm EG? You should never PE, absolutely not!

Just about mid-shaft, that’s my girth max at the thickest part.

really big. want the biggest.

Then boss, I have no idea why you’re PEing, you girth is close to Shane Diesel. If I had your unit (no homo), I would never PE. I would just destroy pussy all day.

I would really like to know what it is like to have a full eight (length). Before I was able to join TP I had distorted views on PE. I had to gain every inch I possibly could, I wanted to be a freak.

After joining and reading the threads I have been humbled by the stories that the members have shared. Stories of heartbreak and embarrassment helped me value what I already have. Knowing that what I see in porn is not reality also gave me an improved perspective. Yes, I do feel greedy trying for eight when there are other members trying to feel average. However, I don’t feel there is anything wrong with self improvement. I just feel like I’m so close to eight why not go for it.

really big. want the biggest.

Na man, I mos def understand what you saying about the length. I’m talking about the girth though, 7.5” of girth is about the size of a febreze canister. I feel like that just going to be painful for your lady callers.

I hear you. If I can maintain an eight, get a good flaccid hang, and some more veins I would be happy :)

really big. want the biggest.

My bad if I’m asking too many questions Sultan, but is your 7” girth natural? Did you do any jelqing when you were a teen?

My girth is natural. I can remember being around six inches in girth in my early to mid teens, and around 18 I started to notice it was getting a bit hefty. I wish I had done some light PE in my teens.

really big. want the biggest.

Your a lucky guy Sultan, I’m working toward there, but it’s going to take a while. Maybe 3 or 4 years.

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