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PE routine begins tomorrow, comments welcome

PE routine begins tomorrow, comments welcome

Hi once again everybody! Since my last post I’ve checked out a bunch of videos and done alot of reading and have finally decided to begin PE.

In the beginning, I’ve decided to stick with the Newbie Routine (as recommended by alot of people) and gradually increase the number and length of exercises (including kegels, which I will be doing throughout the day) over the course of a few weeks. Here is my routine, straight from the manual:

1. 5 minutes hot wrap
2. 5 minutes manual stretch (ten 30-second stretches)
3. 10 minutes of jelq (two hundred 3-second strokes)
4. 5 minutes hot wrap
5. 50 kegels of five second holds each

Schedule:2 days ON / 1 day REST

However, I still have a few questions.

1. Does it matter what type of stretching I do and should I alternate stretches every day?

2. I’m going to be doing dry and wet jelq. Should I be doing any other sort of jelq? Also, should I do dry jelq one day, then wet the next or should I do both in one day?

3. I do martial arts so part of my regiment is to run in the morning. Should I be doing this before or after PE? My common sense tells me before as I would get blood circulating throughout my body, as opposed to after because it might take away some of the blood in my member.

I also just measured myself and my erect length is 17cm, which is 6.69 inches and my erect girth is 12cm, which is 4.72 inches. My goal is to get to 8.5 inches in length (21.59cm) and 5.5 inches in girth (14cm).

Anyhow I plan on keeping a log of my progress. Any suggestions or comments in regards to my routine or plans or goals would be greatly appriciated. Thanks in advance!


Ps: I apologize if this is a double thread, if it is, please delete whichever one.

1) Do “normal” manual stretches, don’t worry about other stretches until you’re comfortable with the newbie routine.
2) It doesnt matter if you do dry or wet. Do be careful with dry jelqs though, theyre much more intense than wet jelqs. From personal experience, I overdid the dry jelq and had erection problems for 2 weeks….so be careful!
3) Before I guess…..but I dont think it’d make too much difference.

Welcome and good luck!!

Current PE status - Contemplating Retirement. STARTED - 6.75"x5.25" CURRENTLY 7.5"x5.5" - BPFSL - 7.25"

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One thing I would do is not concentrate on the time limit while doing jelqs but actually make sure your getting 200 good quality jelqs in there.

Start Oct 30,2005: 6.75"x5.25"BPEL

Nov 20,2005: 6.93"x5.375"BPEL

First Goal 7.5"x5.5"

Well it’s been a while since my last post so I thought I’d update. As it turns out I didn’t begin my PE routine the day following my post. The first time I did PE was today, and I thought I’d post my thoughts and comments.

I started with the newbie routine, trying to do the stretches and the hot wrap all the while having the videos playing in the background on repeat. I managed to do every single exercise but I have a few questions and comments. First I’ll start off with the comments. To anyone who has seen the videos and thought all the exercises looked painful and difficult (like me) I assure you they’re not. In fact, I actually had FUN doing PE! It felt like I was finally doing something beneficial for my penis, if not gaining any length or girth at least increasing the overall health of it, which in itself is a good enough reason to do PE for the rest of your life.

I did, however, have a few “problems” (for lack of a better word).

So here are my questions:

I did the hot wrap with a warm towel but found that the towel started cooling off. Is there a way to get it to stay hot for a full 5 minutes?

Also, while doing the jelqs (I’m doing 200 wet one day, 200 dry the next, followed but a break, rinse wash repeat), I wasn’t able to maintain a 60-70% erection the whole time. Is this a problem? Maybe I should have some porno in the background.

All in all, to everyone considering doing PE, DO IT. You have nothing to lose and so much to gain.


PS: I’ll update my measurements after 3 months.

Originally Posted by cockfactory
You have nothing to lose and so much to gain.

Not unless you get injured - then you’ll be singing a different tune.

It’s great that you’re optimistic, but don’t get carried away.

Good luck.

PS - Raptors have been shitting the bed lately.

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Cockfactory, the best way I know to keep the heat on is to use two 500 ml measuring cups. Fill the first with very warm water, stand in the tub and bending forward slightly, completely submerge your genitals. As you get used to the temperature, fill the second cup with hot water and add small amounts to the first raising the temperature until your time is up.

As four the erection thing, I fantasize about my girlfriend or some girl I know, but haven’t had sex with yet. It works well for me!


Originally Posted by peanut1

One thing I would do is not concentrate on the time limit while doing jelqs but actually make sure your getting 200 good quality jelqs in there.

Very good advise. Take it slow and steady PE is not a race.

Hey guys! I’ve been doing PE for a few days now, today is the 7th day if you count the days off, but in total I’ve had 4 days on, plus today which would make 5.

However, I have a few questions. I’ve been reading a bit on LOT theory and have determined that I have a fairly low LOT, between 7-8 I think, I’ll have to re-check. What exercises should I be focusing on? You can just say the name of the exercise since I’ve managed to download all of the videos (honestly, one of the greatest things on this site).

Also, when doing dry jelq, should I maintain a constant tight grip on my penis, even when going up and going down?

Furthermore, I was wondering how often I should increase the amount of stretching and jelqing I do. Maybe kick it up once a week, so add on a minute of stretching every week and 50 jelqs every week? So far I’ve been doing the newbie routine, how long should I stick with it?

Thanks in advance once again! I realize that there are many members on this board, all of who would love to get individual help so I appreciate any replies.


Today is my 7Th day of PEing (not counting off days). I still haven’t done any measurements and I’ve quit smoking about 4 days ago. I found that after I quit smoking it seemed that some of my gains went down but I can’t be sure. To counteract this I plan on doing alot of cardio (running up stairs, running) in the very near future. I also plan on drinking around 3-4 liters of water per day.

My only questions are how often should I increase the number of exercises done? I think today is going to be my last day of doing reps of 200, and after an off day tomorrow I’m going to kick it up to anywhere between 230-250 reps. Any recommendations in regards to this would be appreciated! I hope everyone who is doing PE and is reading this is making gains! HELL YEAH!


Thanks for the heads up. Cheers and good luck with your gains!


Not smoking will help with circulation…Girth..

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