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The dream PE routine scenario

The dream PE routine scenario

Hi Guys,

I’m actually not new to PE or Thunders’ at all but have lurked so long that I have to post in here it seems (not that I’m complaining, this forum is full of helpful and knowledgeable people).

I’ve PE’d on and off for some years and have come to the realisation in that time that I’m one of the dreaded hard gainers. I’ve given manual routines (including the newbie routine and more intense versions of it) a prolonged chance but with nothing to show for it except a pretty well conditioned penis and a fair amount of personal-penile knowledge.

I am very committed to gaining and have now arranged my life so that I can dedicate as many hours as day as I want to the task at hand. I work (actually play poker) from home, have no infringements on my privacy and no girlfriend to deal with either. Thus the stage is set for the creation of my dream routine.

I have messed around with monkeybars vacuum hanger and found it very comfortable and clearly very effective at delivering a stretch to my ligs and tunica. Until now I just haven’t had the time to really give it a good all out trial but I’m sure that if I am to gain then it will be through the effective use of hanging supplemented by a few jelqs and kegels here and there for mild girth work, good circulation and over all penile health.

What I’m thinking about doing is something like this:

I go to the gym most mornings and so my routine would commence after that and end when I go to sleep.

1) Warm up in the shower with 100 jelqs combined with kegels.

2) Hang SO at my desk for 3 sets of 30mins @ 4.5lbs (2 litres of water) with 20-30 jelqs in between each set to aid circulation and recovery.

3) Reduce weight to 2lbs and use hanger as an ADS as I sit at my desk for the next 3 hours.

4) Break for lunch but keep unit wrapped in the special soft compression tubes that came with my vacu-hanger.

5) Warm up again (I am open to advice on the best warm up method) and repeat hanging routine as above followed by weight reduction to ADS level and work (play) for another 3 hours

6) Depending how I’m feeling I might go for another session in the evening after dinner or just keep the ADS weight on until bed.

7) In bed I’ll wear a compression tube to maintain extended state while I sleep.

8) I’ll eat a mainly protein based diet and supplement myself with ‘Herbal V’ since I’ve had it for ages and might as well put it to some use although I’m not sure if it will have any real effect. It has Yohimbe, L-Taurine etc in it.

That’s really the outline of what I have planned. Please let me know what your impressions are. I’m completely open to tweaking or altering it in the face of good reliable advice.

I’m ware that the level of weight I’m hanging is quite low, but I reason that with such a large number of hours under tension I should be able to reach some good fatigue even at low weights to start with. Advice specifically regarding weights and what others have found workable would also be appreciated. I know I can handle quite alot more but don’t want to over do it and either injure myself or toughen the tissues too early.

Looking forward to your responses!

Starting again, this time it's serious.

Start: (10.2012) BPFSL: 7.5" BPEL: 7" Base EG: 5.75" Mid/upper shaft EG: 5.25" Head EG: 5"

Now: (3.2013) BPFSL: 7.8" BPEL: 7.4" Base EG: 5.75" Mid/upper shaft EG: 5.25" Head EG: 5.25"

Wow, lots of hang time. Good!

I have been hanging for about 6 weeks now, just kind of checking it out and getting used to it. Unfortunately, I have a new girlfriend now who takes up all my time (i would rather fuck than do PE), so I am afraid that my PE days are going to be over for a while.

From what I know about hanging, you should shoot for about 10 - 12 hours a week of hanging a week. Focus on getting the time in, and then increase the weight SLOWLY (maybe a lb every week or two) until you find a weight that yields good fatigue. Once you start getting the fatigue stop adding weight until you don’t get fatigue any more.

Personally, I am not a fan of ADS or any of that other stuff. If you feel like it helps you then cool, but my opinion is that your penis needs rest time and zero stress time - a lot of it. I would just focus on staying healthy and getting the 10-12 hours a week down. All the rest is negligible.

Also, eat vegetables. A balanced diet is key to a healthy body.

Starting (10 / 2006): 5.8~BPEL, 5~BG ----> Current: 7.6 BPEL, 5.6 BG ----> Goal: Pringles Can

Thanks Whiskey,

ADS in my mind is uncontroversial. I am persuaded by the idea that prolonged periods of light tension will cause a desired physiological change in the body akin to the growth of (non-fat/muscle) tissue as someone puts on weight. Clearly different tissues are involved but if the tension is only light and blood flow good then I can’t see how the body would be inhibited from creating the new structures required for growth. Whats more, as far as I’m aware, a lot of tissue repair in general goes on while you are asleep and since I will only be wearing a compression sleeve during this time I would imagine that my body will have ample repair time free from nearly all tension.

It seems like I’ll be hanging between 18 and 24 hours a week not including my lighter ADS weight so we’ll see how it goes. I feel like more time/less weight is definitely the way to go.

As for my diet, I phrased it wrong. What I meant to say was a high protein diet. I would never exclude vegetables or fruit but I want to have plenty of protein /amino acids flowing round the system for when repair is required.

Thanks for the encouragement man!

Starting again, this time it's serious.

Start: (10.2012) BPFSL: 7.5" BPEL: 7" Base EG: 5.75" Mid/upper shaft EG: 5.25" Head EG: 5"

Now: (3.2013) BPFSL: 7.8" BPEL: 7.4" Base EG: 5.75" Mid/upper shaft EG: 5.25" Head EG: 5.25"

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