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A newbie begins his quest

A newbie begins his quest

Hey everyone, just wanted to introduce myself quick. I’m pretty excited to be here around people who know what they’re doing. I hope I have the fortitude to stick with this as long as so many here, but in the end, it’ll definitely be worth it! I’m looking forward to any advice you guys provide me with.

And as a newbie, I must post my first question. I’m interested in how to get the most from my workouts (obviously starting slow and steady). I’m pretty strapped for time and privacy most days, and I’m sure I’m not the only one. How would one go about handling this problem. I would say keep it to bathing time, but I have roommates, and 20 - 30 minute showers aren’t always a luxury I have, along with busy days. I want to stay consistent, and from what I read, dry jelqing seems to be something I can get away with. Is this too much to start with? And also, that’s just one aspect. After my penis can acclimate to handling the stresses, I’m going to want to add more workouts and time.

Dry jelqs are ok, but first weeks just focus on how to masterize the tecnique - keep VERY low number and intensity of strokes.

About time & privacy, check the “2 inch” thread in my favorites.

Welcome! Good luck on your journey.

You can probably get some manual stretching and dry jelqs done under the covers in bed. Simple stretches can be done as daily opportunities present themselves (bathroom visits and the like). Think creatively.

Don’t try to rush things in PE. Patience is a virtue, and is essential to success.

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