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A hanging question

A hanging question

Okay+, I’ve been doing the Newbie routine for a while, and I’m wondering how to incorporate hanging into it. My routine has been

5 minute warm wrap
10 manual stretches
200 jelqs
5 minute warm wrap
50 kegels

2 days on, one day off

How would you guys suggest incorporating hanging in to that? And does it matter if I sit down when hanging so I can watch a movie?

What type of hanger were you thinking about using?

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I know Lewd Ferrigno personally.

I built the Captn’s Wench and planned to use it, but decided I should wait for some advice first


Personally, I think the whole movie idea is excellent. Myself, I used to sit at my desk (in my home office) and hang during my “Wench” days. Some even go so far as to build special “Hanging Chairs”…

How long have you been on the beginning routine for?


About two weeks, but before that I was doing jelqs and with a warm wrap but with only 3 or 4 stretches and a warm up, I believe I’ve built up my conditioning to hang, and am ready to, but need to know how to put the two pieces together

I’ve been using the captn’s wench for about 5 mos. And it’s been working pretty good at low weight (0-8lbs)

Pretty quick to start hanging. Can be done with a lot of care though. Start real light. I’d suggest holding off on the movie watching until you’ve been hanging for a while (couple weeks) until you know how things feel and what to expect. Keep a timer handy so you don’t go past your set time. Monitor for temperature often. Good luck. :)

Yes, and thank you guys, but how do I incorporate hanging into my current routine. My session last night looked like this:

5 minutes hot wrap
3 5minute sets of hanging 5 lbs
150 jelqs
5 minutes hot wrap
50 kegels

Hows that look? I’ll eventually add more time to sets when I become more experienced with my Hanger.

That looks like a pretty good routine gnomesoldier.You can also do some dry jelqs in between your hanging sets.I do it that way,but I don’t jelq real hard.Also if you get hard easy make sure your woody is gone before you put your hanger back on.

Okay, thank you 8, I felt a little tired after, but not overly tired, felt just about right

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