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9x6.5 or even 8x6 possible by stretching alone?

9x6.5 or even 8x6 possible by stretching alone?

For many reasons I cannot hang, the biggest ones being not much privacy or time. So I rely on manual stretches, and I just wanted to know if my goals are too high. My current length is 7x5.5 nbp and I want to get 9x6.5 nbp within two years. Can I do this without hanging? Even if it’ll take more than two years, will I still be able to get that size? If not, will I be able to get 8x6 within a year or more?

Starting Stats: NBPEL - 6" NBPEG - 5" Current Stats: BPEL - 7" NBPEG - 5.5" Short Term Goal Stats: BPEL - 7.25" NBPEG - 5.5" Long Term Goal Stats: BPEL - 8.5" NBPEG - 6"

I’m not sure what’s up with the PE Database at the moment. I can still tell you though that just of the people who have used it to log their progress there have definitely been guys gain 2+ inches with stretching alone. Two years does seem like a reasonable time period. However, as I’m sure you know, it might take YOU longer, or it might not even take you that long. But it is definitely possible.

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Growin, it is possible for some to make such gains. It is important to not focus too much on your ideal goal because it can seem so far away from being achieved at times that you end up becoming discouraged. Instead break it down into smaller targets. First set your mind to achieving your first half an inch of growth. That doesn’t seem too far away from being achieved, so you feel like you have something tangible to reach for. Setting quarter inch goals can be even better. It will keep you more hungry and encouraged to continue. You will get to experience the reaching of such a goal, which will spur you on to the next goal. If you set a goal too far away, you will have to wait a very long time before you experience reaching that goal and will have nothing to spur you on and keep you motivated.

Instead of seeing it as years of work, see it as a succession of weeks and days. Take each day as it comes your way and set a small goal at the beginning of each week to make it a great week for PE. At the end of every week, look back on the week and encourage yourself to repeat the good work in the next week. Before you know it, you will have strung dozens of perfect weeks together and will have made great gains. Make your next goal nothing more than a perfect week of PE and your next size goal as quarter of an inch longer and thicker than before.

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