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Only stretching the skin

Only stretching the skin

I have used a newbie routine for about threee weeks now when I suddenly realized that my manual stretches basically only stretches the skin!
I am uncircumsized and have not pulled back the foreskin when stretching.
When I stretch downwards or BTC I get a very good grip and I get a good stretching feeling. However, if I first pull back the foreskin I cannot stretch almost anything before the grip hurst too much to continue. The stretch using this method is only approx 30% of the stretch I experince when pulling with non retracted foreskin.

Obviously, it must be a better stretch to pull the foreskin back first because then the skin is not stretched at all and it is only the inner parts that get streatched. But if the grip hurts too much, I won’t get a good stretch anyway.

I am really believeing that all the stretching done so far has been skin only stretches and therefore rather useless as PE exercises.

When looking at the instruction videos, it really looks like the guy is using the method that for me only causes skin stretching. Is it?

I guess I am a bit confused and disappointed. How do go on?

* is the skin stretching exercises really of any use?
* Will I get used to stretch with the foreskin retracted?

Have you tried using a little toilet paper? I believe there is a few guys here that found this to be helpful, I’ve never tried it, we still wipe our butts with corn cobs here in Hoxie, Arkansas.


I often feel like I’m stretching just my skin too (though I’m circumcised). Anybody care to explain EXACTLY how it should feel when you are stretching correctly?

Alice: I do not feel that it is the friction between my fingers and the skin that is the problem. If I have a friction problem it is always between the skin and inner part of the penis.

However, in this case it is neither. It simply hurts too much at the glans with retracted foreskin (would toilet paper help that?)

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