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1 inch in 2 months of PE

1 inch in 2 months of PE

I’m so very pleased at the results that I have gotten from PE in the past 2 months. I just started out on May 30, 2011 with the basic newbie routine. My erect starting length was 5.9 inches fully erect and 5.25 in girth. I started out doing about 10 minutes of manual stretching. And 200 jelqs. Never really kegeled that much though. After a month of doing that I measured in on July 1, 2011 at about 6.25 inches erect length and 5.3 in girth. In the second month I increased my stretching time to 20 minutes and jelqs to 250-300. I just recently started doing V -stretches for about 10 minutes and 15 minutes of stretching up down left right. And helicopter stretches. I knew that I had been growing somewhat but I couldn’t really tell because I see my penis every single day. I just measured in today August 1, 2011 and my erect length is now 6.9 inches. It caught me completely off guard but I was amazed that I had grown so much in just 2 months.. I didn’t think I would gain much so fast because I had a very low LOT at about 7. But I did a lot of upward stretching and I guess it worked out the tunica. I can honestly say that PE is amazing and I cannot believe the results I have gotten so far. Gives me hope that some day I’ll reach the 2 inch growth club. Thanks for reading. =)

How do you measure? Sitting up/ down from the side?

I’ve measured, sitting standing, from the side. It’s all the same.

If I push the ruler into my groin I am 7.2 inches

pics,or it didn’t happen :D

1 inch in two months O_O

Whoo congralutations guys!

Do you have any pics?

Starting Stats : Length (NBPEL) : 6,50" (16.5cm) Girth (Mid-Shaft) : 4,92" (12.5 cm) (1st may 2011)

First goal : Length (NBPEL) : 7,08" (18 cm) Girth (Mid-Shaft) : 5,51" (14 cm)

Just curious how old you are? Wondering if age has anything to do with the rapid gains.

Pics please

Current stats..........BPEL: 17cm / 6.7"........BEG: 14cm / 5.5".....MSEG: 13 Cm / 5,1" Técnicas Sexuales

Long term goal......BPEL: 20cm / 7.8"........BEG: 15cm / 5.9".....MSEG: 15 Cm / 5,9"

Progress➤17➥17,5➥18➥18,5➥19➥19,5➥20 .......... 13➥13,5➥14➥14,5➥15........Progresos Anderballer

I’m only 18. I have starting pictures but no measurement starting pictures. I do however have measurement pictures of when it was 6.25 and a picture of where it’s at now. I will post them as soon as I get the chance.

I find measuring to the side is always more I donno why

I had a feeling you were young. At 18, your testosterone/DHT are going to be pretty high, so I’d expect some good gains. In fact, you’d probably be gaining even without the PE.

Congrats! The gains are good and I hope they continue. I wish I would have known about PE when I was 18 instead of 37. I’d have a heck of a lot bigger unit now, that’s for sure.

I’ve been doing casual PE starting when I was 16 or so. Definitely helped get me to where I am now. I’m 20 now and these 4 years of PE probably added about 2” to length and 1” to girth if I had to guess but that could be due to natural growth. Hoping the natural growth keeps going until 25 like some people say.

Thanks all. I’m very excited. At first I didn’t think it was working but a growth spurt came out of no where. I do a lot of stretching. Way more than the routines recommend. I also work out a lot and I take nitric oxide with l-arganine in it so that may also play a role in quick gains. I usually do a 2 day on 1 day off and then 3 day 1 off during the course of the week. I’m happy with he gains thus far and I’m hoping that I also continue to grow naturally and with PE. If that’s the case then I’m sure I can reach my goal and maybe surpass 8 inches. I’m about to post a couple of progress pics

And I thought gaining an inch in 4 months was unbelievable lol Nice to see someone else has gained in such a short amount of time. Great job Qoheleth keep it up :) . Like you I’m drugged up daily on L-Arginine and Amino Acids. I don’t really know though if they have contributed to my quick inch. Does anyone know if taking natural growth hormone stuff like Tribulus can help with PE?

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