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Weak orgasms, difficulty reaching them and almost no arousal


Weak orgasms, difficulty reaching them and almost no arousal


First of all I must say that English is not my native language so excuse the mistakes please.

I’m a 35 years old guy. I was taking SSRI (sulpiride and so on) 3 years ago and when I was taking them I had libido problems, difficulty to have erections without touching the penis, difficulty to maintain the erections, difficulty to reach the orgasm and a very weak and frustrating orgasms. When I quit the drugs my health and orgasms was restored, but two years ago the troubles came back and I’m very concerned about this. I don’t know if SSRI drugs unbalanced something in my body but my sexual response is not normal since that. I was investigating by myself and I found that sometimes SSRI drugs rise the prolactin levels and that interfere with orgasms, I made a blood test and prolactin was a little higher than the levels considered normal (even I have not taken SSRIs for 3 years). I was using bromocriptine a month a few days to lower that and the prolactin levels went down, but my sexual response remains the same. LH and FSH hormones are at the normal levels but quite low, and testosterone and dihydrotestosterone are higher than the considered normal levels (I don’t understand that, because it’s supposed that should rise my libido). I have read that histamine plays an important role in orgasms and I always have problems with allergy, I don’t know if that have something to to with that. Maybe it’s not a hormones problem, I don’t know. The point is that my sexual response is frustrating and that has been continuing too long that I don’t know what to do to solve this. It’s like don’t have sexuality because I don’t have arousal, and the pleasure is pretty low, sometimes almost nothing. I know something is unbalanced in my body but I don’t know what is.

Somebody had similar problems? How can I solve it? A life without orgasms and sexual arousal is very depressing. I don’t know what should I do. I went to specialists and they don’t know nothing, they say that it’s psychological but I know it isn’t.

Please, any help will be useful. Thanks.

Are you taking any anti-histamines for your allergies? If so, what are you taking? Are you taking any other prescribed or natural medications?

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Currently, I’m taking an anti-histamine for only 4 days and today, I was researching in the internet about histamine and orgasm because yesterday I got recovered a little my sensations while masturbating and had a little better orgasm (only a little through). So, I thought maybe that high histamine due to allergy would be ruining my sexual responses. Ironically, I read that higher histamine is, better the orgasm is, and that there are a lot of men who ejaculate very fast due to high histamine levels. So I got confused, that’s exactly the opposite thing of what I thought. I have to say that usually I don’t use anti-histamines and I have this sexual problems for more than two years (with occasional improvements that last a day or two and whose causes are a mistery to me, but that gives me hope, because I guess that means my problem is not irreversible). I also was taking bromocriptine to lower prolactin but the problems still remained. Maybe prolactin was not the cause, I don’t know. I was thinking that lower prolactin would solve it but now I don’t know what to test. Specialists don’t take this seriously and I can’t rely in them too much. I will go with the blood test with low prolactin and high testosterone to the urologist next week but I guess he will say to me the same shit as always: “it’s all in your head” and good bye. And I know something is wrong in my body, I’m sure about that. It’s something related to histamine? another hormones? or something related with neurotransmitters or nerves? I don’t know, but something is unbalanced.

I also was testing minoxidil and vitamin capsules to increase hair but only a few days, and that was years ago. I usually do not take so much medicines. I want to know what can be causing this problems so long. I think this is not normal for a 35 years old guy. Sometimes the orgasm is almost nothing, just like peeing sperm. Very frustrating.

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It will be interesting to see what your urologist says. Anti-histamines do sometimes cause the problems you are experiencing. It’s encouraging that you are having occasional improvements.

Minioidil has, in some men, caused permanent or long term problems, but if you didn’t get problems close to the time you were using it, it is unlikely to be a factor in your current problems.

Heat makes the difference between gaining quickly or slowly for some guys, or between gaining slowly instead of not at all for others. And the ideal penis size is 7.6" BPEL x 5.6" Mid Girth.

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I had some problems with erections while using minoxidil so I stopped it immediately. Anyway, I used it only a few days and I don’t know how minoxidil influenced in my problems because that time I was having sexual problems yet (weak orgasms and difficulty for arousal). Can minoxidil be one of the factors suspicious to have caused this? I can have an erection if I touch (it’s difficult to maintain it through) and sometimes I have erections while sleeping and in the mornings, so I guess this is not an ED. I say that because all I have read about minoxidil related sexual problems is about ED. My main problems are the difficulty to get sexual excited and weak orgasms, erections are fine if I touch but tend to be weak and sometimes I ejaculate with an about 90% erection (anyway, except erections while sleeping, full erection without touching is almost impossible to me now). Anyway, do you know in this forums how some of that men affected sexually by minoxidil get their sexual health balanced?

Those occasional improvements are a mystery and I think there is the key to fix this, but I don’t know why or how they happen. The days I feel better (what can be one time in months) I don’t see any difference in alimentary habits or others. I guess I have lack of something that sometimes restore by itself, but what and how? I don’t read in the internet too much men with the same problem. When masturbating I feel something like a burning sensation inside the penis even if it’s totally erect that “kills” almost the pleasure. It’s difficult to explain with words.

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Have you been checked for any infections? Where does the burning feel like it is coming from? Urethra or elsewhere? What had your mood been like? Ssri’s do mess with hormone balance. Do you crave any foods like sweet salty etc. Are you currently taking any supplements? I’m not a doctor but I like studying things especially the human body. I like to figure out how things work. And are you on any particular diet? I’ll respond with more questions with your answers.

Mood and food cravings can indicated hormonal imbalance that could be contributed to diet

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Originally Posted by firegoat
It will be interesting to see what your urologist says. Anti-histamines do sometimes cause the problems you are experiencing. It’s encouraging that you are having occasional improvements.

This is of interest to me. I have regularly taking anti- histammines for many years. I currently take Telfast 180mg (fexofenadine) once a day for allergic rhynitis. I do have some EQ issues which I put down to age (67) and the fact I take statins. However my Doc said my test is in the normal range.

However I normally do not have trouble ejaculating though I have to work at it some times. The only time I had a real issue was when I think I did some nerve damage to my glans by removing an AutoXleeve by rolling it off. Must have overstressed my glans. Took weeks of rest, heat, cold and finally a small amount of Voltaren cream for a few days to recover.


Austfred do you take Co q 10? Statins lower those levels. Would be a very good idea to take them for your heart whole on a statin.

Sorry I can be a REAL health nut. Real meaning looking at the true picture. Not say traditional weight loss diets, even though the word diet is misused.

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I think I have no infections. The “burning sensation” is a way to say it. It’s not exactly that, it’s like overheating, something like when your muscles are stiffness and hurts a little. The feeling is inside the penis, where I should feel pleasure (when I ejaculate sometimes is in the urethra, but It’s not an infection sensation, it’s like tired sensation) I feel that just like if something is inhibiting the pleasure and the arousal. It’s all at same time weak, physically and psychologically. I feel no arousal for example, watching or thinking about girls and sex. When I have that occasional improvements it goes also together, more psychological arousal also. So I think it’s a lack of something rather than an infection. And I think an infection wouldn’t last years and I would in that case feel that sensation all the time, not only masturbating, isn’t it? I’m not sure anyway. I have not checked it but I don’t think that it is an infection. Urologists (I went to some) didn’t say nothing about that. But who knows. The problem is that it seems I have to force the penis to ejaculate. With a normal libido the penis itself demands touch it and ejaculate, even if you stop touching in the middle of masturbation it remains hard seconds and you feel that “I want to ejaculate” feeling, but that not occurs in this case, it’s like that is asleep, dopey. And reaching the orgasm sometimes is hard and take time (20 minutes or more sometimes, before I ejaculated in 4 or 5 minutes). What concerns me is that It’s the same thing that I suffered while I was taking sulpiride and other anxiolytics like bromazepam (lexotan). But the problem is that I have not been taking them for more than 3 years. So did they leave something unbalanced in my body? When I explain this to urologists they say it can’t be, but the feelings are too similar.

I usually crave salty thinks but that was always since I was a kid. In the other side, I get tired quickly of sweet things. Also I’m thin, I don’t have obesity. Currently I’m not taking any supplements. I tried months ago vitamins, zinc and ginkgo biloba but it didn’t work.

I don’t know why I’m suffering from this with a testosterone higher than the considered normal levels. That’s also a mystery.

My mood is not good, I have depressions and so on, but I think that’s not the only cause of this. I feel something is wrong physically.

I’m not on a particular diet, I eat not much meat but only that.

I think anti-histamines doesn’t have nothing to do with my problems because I’m only taking them for 4 days and I have this problem for two years or more.

Before I took bromocriptine to lower prolactin (I thought that that was the problem because I read in the internet that anxiolytics like sulpiride can raise prolactin levels and that interfere with orgasms and libido) I had between 21 - 26 ngs/ml (normal levels are at 17 ngs/ml). With the bromocriptine treatment I managed to lower it. Here is my last blood test. I don’t know if that low FSH and LH may have something to do with this, anyway they are into the normal levels.

- Dihydrotestosterone —> 485.5 ug/dl (normal levels 88.9 - 427.0) (pretty higher).

- FSH —> 2.0 mUI/ml (normal levels 1.5 - 12.4) (a little low).

- LH —> 3.9 mUI/ml (normal levels 1.5 - 9.3) (a little low also).

- Prolactin —> 5.34 ng/ml (normal levels 2.5 - 17.70) (It went into the normal levels).

- Testosterone —> 29.62 nmol/L (normal levels 8.64 - 29.00) (also a little high).

Maybe it’s not an hormones problem. But I wonder if with higher FSH and LH the thing would get better.

Well not sure how long the burning was taking place but that makes sense. There are several chemicals that could be the culprit. I cannot pinpoint which one it could be. Adrenaline (epinephrine) could be to high causing you to stay in refraction and causing the sensitivity keeping you from reaching orgasm. Low oxytocin would cause weak orgasm. Low dopamine, hence why I was asking about mood and cravings, could lessen the pleasure center of your brain. There is another one I can’t remember what its called that triggers the release of dopamine. Adrenaline prepares your body for the experience. When you orgasm it peaks sending you into refraction. So this could give you an idea about what it is. But the urologist should be able to pinpoint it for you. Some people talk about maca on here. Maca is a Peruvian vegetable that is in the radish family. It is known as super food. Feel free to look it up about all of its benefits. It comes as a powder or pill form I prefer powder because it is cheaper that way and you can mix it in with things and adjust how much you want plus you get a bigger dosage easier that way.

Well LH and FSH are precursors to testosterone which is a precursor to dihydrotestosterone so I don’t think it’s that. They may be low because the other ones are high. I feel it may be one that is in my previous post.

The “burning sensation” is while masturbating and the orgasm. Like if that sensation is replacing the pleasure, making the penis dizzy. I have observed that when libido is ok and I have an erection the sensation is a little cold, like a freshness in the penis. It’s the opposite to that what I feel now. Another thing that I can’t understand is that in the morning, sometimes, just after wake up I can have an erection without touching but that capacity vanishes once a few minutes pass after waking up. It’s like something rises during the sleep and go down just after wake up. Anyway, libido and arousal is low even with those erections. Arousal is very very low, almost nothing.

I tried maca only 4 days because an urologist gave me some free to test but I didn’t appreciate any changes.

I haven’t tested adrenaline but I think always must be pretty high because I usually have anxiety. But I guess that is not enough to explain such a big unbalance lasting for years. Anyway, my usual sensations are too similar to the refractory period. If you touch your penis during that period you will realize those “burning feelings” I’m saying. I didn’t know adrenaline would be related to the refractory period. I measured prolactin because I read it peaks when ejaculating causing the refractory period and I thought prolactin was the cause. I don’t know if I can measure the adrenaline by a blood test.

I wrote domapine in a blood test but they didn’t measure it, I don’t know why. I did that because I suspected that low dopamine was beyond this. Maybe they can’t measure dopamine levels in blood. Anyone here has measured dopamine in a blood test? Anyway, it’s supposed that bromocriptine is also dopaminergic and I was taking it one month and a few days.

I also don’t know about my oxytocin levels. I will ask about that to the urologist but I think he will say something like “It’s all in my mind” and don’t take it seriously. Especially when he see that my prolactin levels have gone to a normal levels. If I ask about oxytocin or another hormone probably he will say “no, that have nothing to do”. I was in several urologists and no one take this seriously. It’s frustrating. Maybe this has an easy solution but it’s difficult to investigate with no help. Internet is full of crap and there is a lot of false information.

My high testosterone makes me think that if I remove the cause that is blocking my libido everything would work fine.

I have seen in porn vids guys with erections without touching themselves, the penis shakes by itself and the glans is full of blood (if I stop touching my penis my glans go down quickly). I get depressed when I see that, because I feel my penis is not ok. That doesn’t happen to me since years and I don’t see it will happen again easily. I don’t have those healthy erections anymore. I don’t think this is the age because I’m only 35 and some guys from that vids are older than me. I can make the penis go to a hard erection but only touching it and it’s difficult to maintain. And the pleasure is low in an erection induced by that.


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