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Testicular cancer, losing a pelota, effects?

We’re your support group, Gator. On Wednesday just know there are people out here pulling for you.

Thanks guys. I really appreciate it :)

Originally Posted by peskeptic
How soon after they remove the testicle will you have the results?

3-5 days

So, tomorrow morning is surgery day. It’s same-day so I’ll be out of there tomorrow too.

Very nervous, but maybe just because I want it done and over with.

I want to get this behind me or deal with what I have to deal with, if it comes to that.

Good luck, man. There’s lots of positive energy “Thunder’s style” flowing your way.

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Hope everything went well.

The operation went well. It’s a weird feeling having only one testicle down there. It really feels different. The entire groin area feels really tight and sore. And obviously I’m sore as hell where the incision is. It wasn’t a big cut but it will leave a nice scar. The only good thing is nobody would ever know that it was for a testicle removal considering where it’s at. So, I’ve been told that I should expect test results sometime early to mid next week. Hope for the best, I guess. Thanks for all the nice comments, guys!

Did you get the BIG prosthetic?

(I hope your recovery is smooth and the test results are good!)

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Originally Posted by clgp7
Did you get the BIG prosthetic?

(I hope your recovery is smooth and the test results are good!)

Thanks man!

And No, I don’t get my prosthetic for several weeks. Early March I’m told but I didn’t get a date yet.

Unfortunately I’ve already been told that I get a ball that is similar in size and shape to my remaining one because a different one could cause problems in the future. That sucks because I wanted at least a golf ball size one.

Lab results are in and I’m cancer free :D . The lumps were benign cysts, otherwise known as spermatoceles. I guess the good news is (beyond it not being cancer) is the fact that the testicle was a developing problem. Apparently one of the main tubules in that testicle was getting clogged-up easily which was causing these cysts to develop. Had I let the problem go, eventually it would have become very painful and I would have probably had to have the testicle removed anyway. So, if it can be considered good news, even without it being cancer-related, the testicle came out with a purpose. What a fucking relief.

As for its replacement, I get my prosthetic put in on March 4th.

Just read the whole thread.Thanks for sharing and congratulations!

Wow, you must be having a ball with that great news! ;) Congrats!

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Super news, Gator. You can relax. Sort of. :)



Congrats on the great news! How are you going to celebrate?

Thanks guys.

What am I doing to celebrate? NOTHING - and that’s the point. I have done nothing but stress and worry for months. I’m finally breathing again.


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