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Testicular cancer, losing a pelota, effects?

Originally Posted by UFGator
Blood work today. Checking T-levels to see if I’ll have to undergo therapy once I lose the one testicle. I’ve had issues with testosterone in the past and have had routine shots before. Main reason why they are checking. Also checked sperm counts. Just loved jerking off into a cup. Not. Took me like 25 minutes. On the more comical side, it was the first time I had relieved myself in days, so I gave them quite the large sample to work with. Not sure if that skews it or not :)

From what I understand about it, it won’t skew results. You’ll be fine.

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Originally Posted by sta-kool
Hilarious. Did they at least give you some porno for inspiration?

Or did you have to make do with magazines from the urologist’s waiting room - Car and Driver, Popular Mechanics. :jump blue:

I had to use my mind and imagination :) Took awhile, but I got there. Seriously though, I nearly filled that cup all of the way up. When I handed it to the nurse, she had this look of “what the fuck” on her face. It was pretty funny.

Nice, Gator. I am guessing her face was the “this kid is hot and I’m turned on because I have a cup of his jizz” face. :) Seriously, seriously, good luck with things. We’re all pulling for you.

A friend now in his early 40’s lost a nut many years ago. He doesn’t seem to have any issues from it.

My dad lost a nut about a decade ago due, at least in part, to a hemangioma. Docs cut in to carve out the tangle of vessels and found the testicle itself was shrunken and calcified, so they removed it.

I suspect there are a lot more men around with only one testicle than one might think.


Testosterone levels are fine so I shouldn’t have to undergo any routine therapy.

And I have a very high sperm count.

I’m in good shape with both regards.

Terrific, UF.



Make sure they test the lumps after the testicle is removed, so you’ll have a better idea of the odds that it’s cancer if you ever develop similar bumps on the other testicle.

Originally Posted by Mushroom

Make sure they test the lumps after the testicle is removed, so you’ll have a better idea of the odds that it’s cancer if you ever develop similar bumps on the other testicle.

Uh, yeah, that’s the whole point of removing the testicle. Why else would I be willing to lose it ;)

I wonder if they could remove the testicle, remove the lumps outside your body, test them, and then reattach the testicle if the test results show the lumps were benign.

I’ve been pretty good up until the past couple of days but I’m starting to turn into a slight head case about this now. One of the first symptoms someone experiences once testicular tumors metastasize is abdominal pain and I have felt like someone kicked me in the gut for the past 24 hours. I’m also starting to get very frequent headaches and as a whole I can feel my energy levels dropping. I can’t quite get if this is my mind creating these symptoms or if I’m really starting to feel the effects of having this disease. Either way, I’m clearly letting this whole situation attack my psyche :(

Surgery day is Wednesday, and it can’t come soon enough. This waiting game sucks.

Sounds like a normal reaction to me. Nerves can definitely give you tension headaches, and turn your stomach into knots.

I’m sure the surgery will go great. I believe it’s a pretty short and simple procedure. I’m guessing your more worried about the test results than the surgery.

How did you decide on what size prosthesis to get? Just by measuring the size of the other one? That wouldn’t work for me because my testicles go up and down in size on some kind of cycle that I can’t seem to figure out. All I know is that they are quite a bit larger at their largest point than at their smallest.

I think I’d need a Pump Reebok adjustable testicle. :)

Hey Gator, try to relax man. I’m sure you’re just a little nervous about going under the knife. How soon after they remove the testicle will you have the results?


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