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Sore testicles

Sore testicles

Hi guys. Ive been expereincing discomfort/pain in my testicle area, however its not the testicles itself, and I’m able to localise the pain and it seems to be like a vein that is connected to the actual top part of the testicles. I first experienced this pain about 6 months ago and coincidentally i had a mild fever along with it. This vein seems to be like its inflamed as whenever i touch it I experience pain, and occasionally when i ejaculate it can hurt. Has anyone experienced anything like this?

Yeah I get this all the fucking time! I’ve been racking my brain as to what it is comes about once a month. Sometimes it hurts real bad although its just generally the tubes that are attached to the testes themselves that hurt both of them.

I’m no doctor but I thought it could be IBS (irratable bowel syndrome) and so I layed of the diary for a bit.

You can use our great country’s national health service *cough cough* website to diagnose your abdominal pain:…nding/start.asp

See what turns up for you, let me know what it says you have!



I had the same thing, it’s called epididimitus (sp). I went to the urologist. He asked if I had been messing around without condomns as it’s mainly an STD. He gave me some anti-biotics (I think) which killed it.

Sounds like it might be a varicocele. Essentially a varicose vein in the scrotum, they can cause pain as you describe. For some it’s occassional pain, for others it is constant. Sometimes they can lead to infertility. Others are totally harmless. I have had one all my life, very occassionally causes pain when the package is handled a little too rough. And really ached for two weeks after I had a vasectomy. My doctor and urologist have never been concerned and (with 3 kids) it obviously never caused any infertility in my case.

I’d say see a urologist, most likely nothing of concern, but if it is constantly painful they can perform surgery…

Check into epididimytis with your doc.

The testes manufacture immature sperm. They mature in the epididymus, a short, twisted cord (can actually be stretched to 18 feet). You can feel this cord where it adheres to the top-side and partly down-side of each testicle.

STD’s can cause infection there, but other things, too. Epididimytis is easily handled if you have it attended to, harder to resolve if you wait, and you can become sterile if you don’t deal with it at all.

I agree with what nebguy said, too. Similar discomfort. Some varicoceles are easily palpated, others not. Urologists can pretty easily tell the difference.



I have same symptoms as Xristo. I went to the Urologist’s office last week and he said my problem could be varicocele or epididymus (no UltraSound conducted). I’ve been taking antibiotics (in case it’s epididymus) for about 5 days so far and started wearing briefs (per the doctor). It’s feeling MUCH better, however, after manually stretching the penis just for about 30 - 45 seconds each day (to make sure I don’t lose my length gains completely) my left testicle starts to ache a little again.

I’m hoping it’s epididymus (treatable by the antibiotics) and not varicocele. If it is varicocele does this mean I will have to give up stretching for good? Will stretching always produce this pain? Can varicocele ever go away without surgery? If it is epididymus will it usually take the full 10 days of antibiotics to lose the pain completely?

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