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Reverse Kegel


Reverse Kegel

How many of you are familiar with the Reverse Kegel technique introduced by drgmerlin?

This trick can enhance pleasure and prolong both love making and masturbation. It enables you to cum and keep going continuously without stopping, ejaculating without loosing the erection.
What you do is get very close to the point of no return, pull out (or stop stroking) and push hard on your PC muscle. This is opposed to the PC contraction you do for a regular Kegel, and is practically achieved by simulating the action of emptying your bowels. You need to really concentrate on this and you will see a stream of fluid coming out. It’s white and clear and it comes from Cowper’s gland and the prostate only. Right after that you will be still hard and will be able to keep going till the next climax, then you can repeat the process. When you finally climax, it will be more intense and the amount of cum will be greater then usual.
It’s cool!

BTW I am honored to make the first post on this new Forum, on Thunder’sPlace 1st Birthday.
I am sure it will have a lot of interesting and useful info for us to share.


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Women also use reverse Kegels to be able to grip and relax which gives more enjoyment to both partners.

And yes, we do them just like you guys do. Push out, like in taking a bm, and then pull in. Helps both. Of course if your lady is doing them, yours might not be so delaying if you get my drift here :D

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Point of order

way way back on the old Peforums board (before it was trolled) I was the one who
named this the “reverse kegel”

It is reverse because instead of clamping down on the PC, you unclamp it by letting it go
by pushing out.

This is for no other reason than vanity, which I need some of right now, LOL.

I have nothing better to do.

I am enjoying this forum. Let’s try to keep it as clean, and I pushed the envelope
myself, but we need some “groundrules” on describing sexual acts and positions.

Any ideas? I know one women’s board that the FCC closed down because of solicitation, though
I don’t understand why swinger boards are OK?

i still dont understand how to perform reverse kegels.

can someone be WAY more specific?????????

Baccart: you can do regular kegals, yes? OK, so you know where that muscle is. When you do a kegal it feel like you are pulling that muscle into your body. As you relaxe the kegal you can feel that muscle moving back out. Do a few kegals to make your self more aware of where that muscle is and what it feels like. Then, as you finish doing one, actively push the other direction (push out). Hope that helps.

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Just push down there as if you are trying to win a pissing contest - that it, you just did a reverse kegel.

Now that you know how to do it, get hard, start stroking and repeat the same action one second before you climax. You will know that you are there when you see a white stream coming out like Champagne out of a bottle…NOT the regular cum shot :D

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This can casue hemroids so be carefull of the pressure exerted

Folks, as much as I hate to be the overly cautious, becarefulfucker on these forums, this idea might be best taken with a bit of moderation. Although might sound neat to have some variety of ejac fluid spurting out during a kegel routine, first consider the nature of this strange ejac behavior. Appears to be a function of pressure or compression of the prostate gland which is most likely the source of the fluid if it’s not piss. Not necesarily a pruduct of PC exercise as it may be the action of forcing you abdominal contents downward (lower GI?) compressing your prostate gland. Hemmoroids are no big surprise here, lucky if that’s the extent any negative consequence. It does astonish me that more folks don’t complain of ball pain or prostate irritation associated with reverse kegels. That type of pushing could possibly cause hernia if taken to an extreme. If done, wise to error on the safe side and not push with all your might. groa

Damn the torpedoes….full speed ahead!

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"Nietzsche is dead"-God

Reverse Kegel

Hey Ronald and groa,

You have a point there about prlonged/extreme pressure potentially causing hemorrhoids or hernia, but once you master the RK technique all is needed is just a few seconds of moderate pressure to make it work. You usually press harder there when you go to the toilet anyway.

The fluid coming out is definitely no piss, it’s coming from either the prostate or cowper’s gland and probably from both. When you are close to orgasm, these fluids build up inside the glands in order to be injected the minute the sperm is released from the testes, helping the sperm to travel to it’s target site in the female body.

Now what you do in RK is you cheat the system by stopping short of the sperm release, and then milking out the fluids that have been accumulated in the glands.

If you tried it you would realize that there is nothing extreme about this action and that it’s pretty safe and… yes, it’s neat!.

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Wow. I discovered this reverse form of kegels just now because of some info I didn’t understand regarding the dld blasters. and indeed this form of kegel is quite hard to do. besides the risk hemmorhoids, I could shit my pants! :D

Hey Shinobi

Welcome to Thunder’s Place.

So… Did you succeed in prolonging the sex/masturbation with the reverse kegel? Or are you still exercising?

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thanks for the welcome WillB7.

Im just a newbie on the reverse kegels so im still exercising. :D

The other day, I successfully did a reverse kegel right before ejaculation, and holy shit, I shot 10x further than I ever have! I was impressed, my girlfriend was impressed, and for a hot second, I felt like I had superpowers. Thanks reverse kegel! You are my new friend. :up:

I have been trying tp get the DLD Blasters right for some time now. My problem is that I get real sore in my inner thighs lower abs and butt muscles. Does anyone else get these sensations from the kegal and reverse kegal? Starting to make me feel like a dumb a@@.

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