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Reverse Kegel



Sounds like you need to relax the other muscles first. Tighten all of your muscles in that region, hold for 10 seconds, and release. Now try a kegel, be fully aware of all of your muscles. Make sure that nothing but the PC muscle is being exerted.


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WillB7 is dead right. You push like you are trying to win a pissing contest. You tighten all the muscles, stomach, abdomin and whatever muscles inside help you pee.

I do RK’s all the time. It’s difficult to master at first, but once you get the hang of it, it gets easier and easier. If you are pushing too hard (feel like you are giving yourself Hemorrhoids) then you are not edging close enough. If you edge, push, and nothing comes out, great. Just keep doing it and you will get good at getting very close without going over the top. You will have some accidents.

It helps if you haven’t cum for a few days. I use RKs when the urgency to cum is too strong and I am going to cum too fast. I do a few RKs, my girl loves to watch my cum spill on her cute little pussy, or in her navel or on her tits. Then i go after it again, but with less pressure to cum.

Strange thing about doing this is that i can do it 3 sometimes 5 times, pour out a nice stream of cum, and still shoot a nice load at the end. WillB7 is also very right about it not shooting-it just flows out. If your PC muscle starts going enough to make it squirt, then you just had an orgasm, and your pecker will probably go limp for a little while.

It’s just good clean fun, especailly if your woman likes it like mine does. And best of all it allows me to keep fucking for hours.

Hey merlin, it’s been a while :)

You’re right, it’s fun. It’s something different to add to the sexual repertoire. No need to do it all the time but it’s good to master the technique and play with it when you’re in the mood for something special.

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I find squeezing my abs works better to hold it in! Very well in fact.

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What they’re talking about here is pushing out on the PC muscle right as opposed to the BC? When I try to do the “push like you’re trying to win a pissing contest” I feel no pushing of my BC muscle.

I’ll have to try this with my girlfriend over the weekend. Isn’t this very similar to the “multiple orgasm” techniques touted by other members where you actually kegel to stop yourself from ejaculating? It just seems a little contradictory, one says squeeze one says push.


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