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Reverse Kegel - An easy way to tell

Reverse Kegel - An easy way to tell

So I’ve been looking up on threads regarding reverse kegels and have done quite a few myself; I’ve come up with this:

Whenever I reverse kegel, if I press a finger to the spot immediately above the pelvic area and right below where the belly begins, I feel it noticeably harden. I’m not sure if this is scientifically proven or if I’m even doing one correctly, but if other people who know (or think they know!) how to reverse kegel could try this and post here, I think it could help other people trying to figure out how to do the damn thing.

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Hi Bumstubs:

I have been checking around for that also, having read the mention of reverse kegels in some of the posts, but no definitive answer. I tried what you mentioned, and felt what you said. But?

Good question, I think. I am so new I am a bit confused about it all. So, I will be checking to see if you get some good answers.


Originally Posted by westla90069
Here are some of the posts I’ve made on this subject. A “reverse kegel” is nothing but relaxing the pelvic muscles. Nothing special, nothing magical.

Westla90069 - Reverse kegels don’t use the same muscles as kegels
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Thanks westla90069. If it wasn’t so late at night I would read them now, but I will do it tomorrow. You really are a wealth of information. Maybe you should be wealthla90069.

Chao, Panos

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