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Need Advice

Need Advice

Ok, Im trying to change my diet in every way so I can shoot a load better. I can shoot it ok, it is that my cum is too thick and does not allow me the distance that I want. How or what should I do to make it thinner I guess or more liquified so I can give it more distance? Any suggestions? And by the way guys…I’m back. It’s been a while. Still Peing and have some great results to share in the near future.

Oct. 07 : BPEL 6.5" EG 5.5" Nov. 07: BPEL 6.875" EG 5.5''

Goal NBPEL 7.0 EG 6.0"

Use the right HEAD when doing exercises! And smile!

Multi vitamins help

Then 01/15/08 EBPL: 6.25 EG 5.10 Now 10/05/09 EBPL 7.75 EG 5.25 Girth work for 103 days.

New Short Term Goal: EBPL 8.0 EG 5.5 Lifetime goal 9x6.5 PE log and journal

Drinking a lot of water may help? I think I’ve heard that somewhere, but I can’t be sure.

If its thick and clumpy you might be dehydrated, I find I shoot better when I go multiple days without sex or masturbation.

Start 2-3-08 BPEL 7.25" EG 5.25" Midshaft

Now BPEL 9.00" EG 5.50 " Midshaft

Long term goal NBP 8x6 - "The Magic stick"

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