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journeyman advice to newbies


journeyman advice to newbies

I’m no newbie, but with only 8 months under my belt, I’m no master either. I began PE with 6 5/8” Bone Pressed erections. Just today I measured at 7 3/8” Bone Pressed. That’s a significant 3/4” increase in length, and about 1/8” increase in girth. Just in case you still needed convincing that this stuff works, it did for me. By the way, I’m in my 40’s

I believe that my gains were average. Some guys pop a 1/2” in a matter of weeks, and those are the ones you tend to see posted, whereas I would sometimes only see a 1/8” gain in two months of work. (I know, your probably saying: one-eighth of an inch is one-eighth of an inch!) Many guys have PE’d for 6 months before they started seeing increases.

My advice: Stay POSITIVE! Force yourself to stay focused and positive. I swear, after I had gained a half an inch, I would sometimes get negative and screw my brain into thinking those gains were insignificant or merely a mis-measurment. Worse yet, my gains seemed to stall. Thankfully, I just ignored the crap my brain would sometimes generate, and kept going.

My advice: BE CONSISTENT/CREATE GOOD HABITS! Good habits are just as easy to start as bad ones! If you’re just starting out, the time required may seem a bit much. This is your time. Take it for you. The NEWBIE routine is something like 30 minutes or so including warm-ups/downs. Take that time! Pick a time or section of the day and always use that time frame to do your PE. Whether you should do it everyday or take days off is something you need to educate yourself about, but even when you take days off, use that time frame for you penis. Whether you edge, learn to have an orgasm without ejaculation, shave your pubes, whatever the hell you decide, take that 30 minutes to spend on your penis. This will create a habit. Like wearing a seatbelt for a few months, you’ll start to feel naked without it!

My advice: BE PATIENT! Do the newbie routine! The masters of the PE world are constantly pushing the envelope, busting stalled gains, going for extreme gains, etcetera. Maybe someday YOU will be one of those masters. Today is not that day. PE is NOT a sprint. PE is a marathon. Three months is probably the MINIMUM newbie routine you will need to condition your penis for more advance techniques. Do NOT rush the process and risk injury! Do not get greedy and kill the goose that lays the golden egg. YOUR penis has tons of potential, just be patient and let those “golden eggs” drop when they are good and ready to! Make it a habit (see above) and put that ruler away. Save measurments for a certain time of month.

My advice: ENCOURAGE OTHERS! Participate at whatever level you can. This is a community. Whatever you give comes back multiplied. I want to see as many of you succeed as possible. I receive nothing from your success other than the satisfaction that somebody else has, in a sense, shared my experience by living it themselves.

My advice: EDUCATE/ENTERTAIN YOURSELF! Reading PE stuff 24/7 will get boring, sure, but right now, it’s exciting, so jump in and learn! While you’re here, check out some of the fun stuff in Diamonds forum, or you can always check out a Twatteaser post. Make coming here a habit, too. Some days I come here and don’t read ANYTHING PE related. It’s kind of like a lifestyle, you might say. Just checking in and seeing what the familiar names are up to.

My advice: ATTITUDE! Don’t jump in half-assed. It’s worth your focus. PE works, just like going to the gym and working out works. MOST people just lose focus, initiative, whatever. I’m one of those people who tend to start out with good intentions that later get side-tracked. My focus on PE has rewarded me with real gains, and has also taught me how to approach other goals. In a way, that has probably been my BIGGEST gain.

My advice: DON’T MAKE LONG POSTS! Nobody really reads anything over one or two paragraphs, here. You’re pretty much wasting time and bandwidth if you ramble on too long. I see it’s too late for me to take my own advice in that regards.

Great post!

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Great advice! And people read long post when they are good but only when they are well written and interesting like yours was:)

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nice work

Thanks for taking the time to post that. Congrats on your gains. Hearing that it does happen really helps keep me going. Sometimes I read stuff that worries me here, ( horsehung stories, and dld stuff) but then kool people like you pop up to get me back into the right mind set on pe.

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I love this guy.Thanks for the advice.

Thanks. Good luck, guys!

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Thanks for your advice.
I must think positive and think that 0.2 inch is not a mismeasurement?
I can accept 0.5 inch but wouldn’t 0.2 inch fall within the margin of errors?

I think I am too addicted to this forum and would instead hope that people can provide suggestions on how I could kick this addiction.


Very good post Slender. I like your Avatar a lot. Is it possible for you direct me to a link with the original file for the Avatar? I would like to use it as wallpaper on my computer.

Ohh I see -You made it yourself and it’s your wife! Alright then I suppose I can’t have it then -you lucky bastard!


Great motivating post, thanks I needed that.

Very good post, as sumyunguy said very motivating.

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And again the motivation flow rushes in from nowhere.. Hell, wait! Slender’s up in the sky!

Thanks man, that was one great advice. :Up:

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My only real hurdle is finding the time to PE. Yeah yeah yeah…anyone can find the time to do whatever when they’re really dedicated to doing something. Unlike most other activities I do, PE requires total secrecy and concentration; both which I lack. Ironically, I have less privacy at home than I do in my dorm room with two other roommates. At home, my mom, dad and little brother constantly bug me for favors, so finding a consistent time to PE daily without interruption is next to impossible. I hate having to wait until it’s midnight to do it, because I’m usually tired at that time and that definately discourages me to do PE when I have to sacrifice sleep for PE. In my dorm room, one of my roommates work from 5-10 PM, so I usually PE during that time period. My other roommate is the one I have to worry about, since he barges into the room at any instant. Some days, I don’t see him at all. Other days, he’s in the room all day long. Usually, it’s in between, but I wish I knew when he comes in and out of the room, so I could plan my PE sessions better.

I’m envious of some of you who have enough privacy to PE consistently, because I hate having to be so damn paranoid when PEing, knowing someone might be barging in any minute. It really throws off my concentration and I need concentration when doing most tasks. Again, the only real solution to avoiding this is to wait until everyone’s asleep, but this is a college dorm, where some guys never sleep. Since I need as much sleep as possible, that’s not an option for me. I just need to be a stealth PE master if I’m going to find the time for my routines. The heating pad I just bought helps (no more worrying about hot water troubles).

Really good man, I was needing a boost up!

Originally Posted by Slender
My advice: DON’T MAKE LONG POSTS! Nobody really reads anything over one or two paragraphs, here. You’re pretty much wasting time and bandwidth if you ramble on too long. I see it’s too late for me to take my own advice in that regards.

Funny one :D

But EXCELLENT post and great motivation.thnx!

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