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Inflammation or something else?

Inflammation or something else?

Ok guys, I need a second opinion about this since it looks like problems are popping up again.

In my previous topic pudendum already posted a thing or two about inflammation. I already talked to my Doctor about this, and he said not to worry. I also didn’t experience trouble until few weeks ago.

I have a pale area on my foreskin, caused by so called inflammation. The problem is that the texture of the skin is different: more dry and rough. And really not flexible.

So now that pale area is becoming more of a tight ring in my foreskin that cuts off my penis while erect. Also because of the skin being so tight and different, it is easy vulnerable for small wounds, which hurt quite a bit and make everything really sensitive. This makes sex defiantly less pleasurable. I’ve also quited pe-ing for weeks now because of small invisible wounds.

Even when putting on a strong grip (see first picture in the attachment) you can already see it’s cutting off and more tight that the rest of my foreskin.
I’m a bit unsure now if the Doctor did the right diagnose, and I’m afraid it’s something else.

I’m seriously considering a circumcision request.

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It’s fixable. Find yourself a urologist with a lot of surgical experience and talk with him about the options.



Is the skin ever dry or flaky, itchy or painful. Could be Candida (yeast infection). I have had one before. It’s not uncommon as someone might think, a dermatologist might help more than a urologist in this case because it is a skin problem and may have nothing to do with the fact it is on your foreskin. I would also be putting vitamin e skin cream and aloe on it everday. If you want a circ, go to the urologist though.

I was suspecting Candida as well. How can I verify this?

Does a over night spit test in a glass really work?

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