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Meatus inflammation from jelqing

Meatus inflammation from jelqing


My penis meatus has always protruded a bit outside the opening, kind of like a belly button outie. I’ve hated it but I figured it’s what I was born with so there’s nothing to do. Here’s what it looks like normally: (image 000_0333)

I just finished a jelqing session and I saw that the meatus is much larger and more reddish. (images 000_0317 & 000_0318)

I’m worried that the meatus is protruding out even more. I can’t go to a doctor right now (no health insurance for a couple months) so I wanted to ask if anyone has had a similiar problem and what has happened. I’d hate to postpone PE but this inflammation is really worrying me.

Thanks for any advice

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Just a question, the colour of the head on first pic looks very healthy, but on the second & third pic it’s so dark, what have you done to your dick? Your fingers look light colour, so I believe you are not black, or am wrong.

og6 - I changed your images from links to attachments. It helps those viewing this thread in the future to see the problem. Links can go dead. (You can ask for the thread to be removed in the future if you like.) I also moved the thread to the Injuries Forum.

Regarding your injury, you should probably switch to a two handed jelq (RB - Dry Jelq) to reduce the pressure you’re putting on the corpus spongiosum (CS). The pressure is causing the lining of the urethra to swell and it’s protruding out the meatus.

I agree with meiya777 that your glans looks very purple after your workout. This is another problem caused by excessive pressure on the CS. Try the method recommended by our member RB in the link above using only the fingertips and thumbs to put pressure on the sides of the shaft (over the corpora cavernosa) and try to leave your CS out of it for a while.

Thanks, I’ll try the dry jelq. BTW I am asian indian and I do get a darker color after my sessions which I assumed was normal. (I don’t get how wet jelqers avoid the darkening caused by repeatedly forcing blood into the glans area?)

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