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Getting a frenum incision on Friday


Getting a frenum incision on Friday

My frenum(?) (the part where you foreskin connects with your glans at the bottom) snapped 4 times over the last two months. A small wound occurs during intense intercourse, with lot’s of blood and pain as result. I made an appointment with the doc last week since it didn’t want to heal by itself and the problem always seems to return.

He told me to come back upcoming Friday and he would “burn” an incision in my frenum so it wouldn’t happen anymore.
But I forgot to ask him a zillion questions.
Perhaps someone here knows about it:

- How long will I be out of business with the ladies?
- Does the procedure hurt?
- Does it affect sensitivity afterwards?


Originally Posted by Madnez
- Does the procedure hurt?

Um… he is BURNING an INCISION on your DICK. Pain is assured! :)

I’m interested to know about your sensitivity afterwards, please make sure to update us.

7.75 BPEL, 5 in. Mid-shaft, 5.5 in. Base


8.25 BPSFL

Ow it’s called frenulum! :$
That’s why didn’t search didn’t bring up anything.

Thx boss!
I’ll keep you posted MoPipe.

They guys in the other tread did not seem to go for the operation :(
But I really want to get it over with.

Oh ps: about the pain: I know it hurts - I’m really sensitive there..
Actually it hurts so much right now that intercourse is not possible.

But I was hoping for local narcotics while performing the procedure or something !

I’m curious. Was this a result from PE, and is this a possible side effect of PE if we aren’t carefull? Does anyone know?

No, it was just a lousy one night stand with a sharp ring that started all this.


Sorry T

Tonight at 7 it’s going to happen.

The wound healed pretty nice (again) last week, so I’m in doubts if I should go on with it.

Had sex a few times yesterday night, and put hands on myself this morning, so I won’t have any problems with pain full erections upcoming days because of a high libido. Hope it helps. I guess I’m just going to do it.. I don’t want to go through this again sooner or later. More news later.

it's done

Just came back from the doc.. it looks pretty bad right now, so be warned before you open the picture.

Basically he lazered away my whole frenulum, but I’m really glad I did it since I have alot room in my foreskin for erections while in the past everything always felt pretty thight and painfull around the frenulum area. This is defaintly better in the long term when I want to start pe-ing and perhaps gain girth. I know I’m a member for ages but never really got into it, partly because of this perhaps.

Now let’s hope it heals fast & good and it doesn’t start hurting. Right now I feel nothing because the anaesthesia.

The procedure was painless, exept for the shot of anaesthesia in my foreskin.
I reckon I’ll be in great pain once the anaesthesia lost it’s effect.

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Yeah I bet it wont hurt at all.. I wish you a speedy recovery though!

LOL thanks for the warning!

I’ve had frenulum trouble for some time now. Always ripping and causing inactivity at times because of the pain. I don’t know if it warrants getting mine burnt off though.

I seem to have solved this problem by letting it heal quite strongly.

Sacred, how old are you?

The thing is, I figured it will always be a weaker spot.. I’m 23 right now, and I was quite sure it will happen again a few times over the next 30 years if I just would have let it heal. I just don’t want to worry about it anymore after this, and enjoy rough sex whenever I want to.

the older I get,
the older the woman I sleep with will be,
the less wet they will probably get,
the bigger the chance of ripping it again..

That kind of states my philosophy


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