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help with my ED

help with my ED

I am 22 years old, with a problem where I am always getting partial ED. Yes I’m sure a lot of it is psychological, especially because I have a much easier tiem getting an erection wehn I am comfortable with someone.
The problem for me is, I am never fully rock hard. My penis has somewhat of an hour glass shape as the lower shaft is only abou 4 inches in girth and the upper shaft if about 4.5. I can feel the upper shaft get strong and hard, but the lower end is very weak.
Specifically, I feel no strength in the underside of the lower base (around where the penis meets the testicles….maybe the PC muscle?). Therefore, even if i am fully aroused and lying on my back, my penis always gets pulled straight to my stomach, and straight out. It’s like the underside has no pull or girth. (I believe this is the location of the tunica and the corpora spongiosm). Like other users here, I cannot have sex lying on my back, as it gets dangerous with bending the lower part of the erection. I have been taking VigRx for better blood flow, and have been doing exercises for 3 months to try to correct my problems, but to no avail. I have noticed problems with ED for a couple years now, and I am trying to meet with a Urologist. Just curious if you guys had any advice. I just bought a pump so i may do light pumping in order to stengthen my erections.


Regular pumping will surely improve your penile vascular system. I read that all the time.

But it’s important to try to determine exactly what is causing the ED, especially in someone your age with so many potential decades of good sex ahead of you. (We older guys can more easily just treat the symptoms and still have fun.)

As you search for a urologist, don’t pick the first one who has an available appointment opening. All urologists do not necessarily know a lot about ED, even though we assume they should. Ask around, ask the receptionist, ask the nurses in his/her service if ED is a special interests of the uro. That way you will be assured of a thorough “in-take” and getting the appropriate tests after that. The more you know, the easier ED is to treat. And don’t let ED make you crazy. There are so many nifty solutions out there now.



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