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Flacid compared to Erect

Flacid compared to Erect

I have kind of a mental issue, and this is due to my flacid size being small- sometimes from 1” to 2”, but my erect is 6”. I feel like when i get a girl in bed or anytime that they feel or see my cock, and it’s not big flacid that I have no chance. It seems like it would be embarrassing.

I wish my flacid could just catch up to my erect size, I really wish I wasn’t a grower.

I really wish i could stop worrying about the flacid size.

Well, just jelq and stretch a lot, and things WILL improve !
Me I ve been doing that stuff for 2 months now, and now erect lengt gains to speak of, but the flaccid dong looks spectacular, I think i gained nearly 2 cm flaccid !
(and about 5 mm girth gains both erect and flaccid, which does look just fine)

So dont worry, just work hard !


Start PEing! See Flaccid Gains

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You came to the right place. For me, flaccid size was one of the first things to improve and my flaccid size is now over double what it used to be. I used to be just like you be the way, from turtle dick flaccid to about 6 erect. Just start doing manual stretches and jelqing, and you will see improvement. Remember to do kegels and hot wrap.

The primary goal of PE should be to make your penis as healthy as possible in both form and function. If you do that, increased size will follow.

Drinking plenty of water, as suggested by the man, the legend PirateSteve, can increase your flaccid length.

Also manual stretching has increased my flaccid size.

Check out this thread.
Water water everywhere…

good luck, melv


Re: Flacid compared to Erect

Originally posted by Naughtyby
I wish my flacid could just catch up to my erect size, I really wish I wasn't a grower.

We got fast flaccid gainers and slow flaccid gainers. It’s just the way it is. It took me two years (aaarrrgh!) to get good flaccid gain. You just have to stay with your program and believe it will happen.

Meanwhile, when you are undressing to be with a partner, take a few seconds to do some flaccid stretches. Better yet, start sex play/foreplay with your pants still on. As you begin to get turned on, you will begin to swell up nicely.

Frankly, I think few women care about flaccid; they care more about hard.



I’m exactly the same way my friend.

For me its not even about girls, just my pride. E.G. in the locker rooms at the gym everyone seems to have a decent flacid hang!

I’dd feel bigger overall if I had a nice flacid length and girth.Oh well, lets get PE’ing!


Just a posible “quick fix” but while your trying to gain flacid size with jelqs and such, maybe a loose fitting cock ring may do something for you. I have tried this and it definatly improved my flacid size, I don’t think its permanent but it sure did something for my ego while wearing it.

Also, unless your gona get a blow job or something really close contact, nobody will know its there.

Just make sure its not tight, its just to keep a bit more blood in there…


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