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Large Flacid Hang

Large Flacid Hang

Hello All,

The Bamixgee is back with some new info based on my own findings, I have acquired a very large flacid hang and I would like to let you know why I think this has happened, I manual stretch every morning and every night and sometimes when I visit the bathroom I give a 30 sec pull. That is not the only reason for a large hang, I also Jelq 500 reps at low erection level and using the overhand OK work the penis while sitting with my legs spread ( on a closed toilet seat) while jelqing down I stretch at the end of each rep and use a 1 sec stroke x 500, I then do between 200-300 in the night when I shower before bed. Now my wife commented on my tool last weekend and I never asked for the comment, she said to me you have the biggest dick I have ever seen (soft that is) she said the thing swings. Now she once went out with someone who I think was about 9” erect because he caused her discomfort during sex, she never measured his but I am 7.75 and I do hit her cervix from time to time but do not make sex to painful, this guy did! So I said how can I have the biggest then?? she said he was big erect but looked normal when soft no where near as long or fat as mine she said.

I measured my flacid hang on many occasions over the past few days and 6.5” BP is what I get most times I have had a little longer but that was just after I peed it was nearly 7” BP, I used to be around 5-5.5 and I started my routine Jan 25th this year, I have not seen much EL growth just around .25” which I put down to stretching ligs, and I must state I only reach that length when I am rock hard, my flacid Stretch length has gone up to around 8-8.2” so things are happening. Well I hope someone finds this info interesting all the best Bamixgee.

Congratulations on your success.


Way to go, Bam. I have to admit that flaccid is not a main objective of mine, but once I reach my erect goals, I think I’ll work on it more. Thanks for the info, and here’s to your continued success :gulp: (sorry, best I could do while I’m at work)


Congratulations on your wife. She’s a good women.

I’ve increased my flaccid hang also by about 3/4 of an inch but havn’t seen to much erect length. Hopefully it will be coming sometime soon. Al I can do is continue my routine.

Thanks for the encouragement guy’s, I never gave a thought to flacid hang myself RTG, I am after 1.25” of length and .5 inch girthbut if this flacid gain is a by product of my efforts then so be it, I just hope this is a permenant thing and it don’t go away like a bad cold :-) , over and out, Bamixgee.


I’m all for bigger flaccid size. I can never get too large in that department. Congratulations to you on your gains.


Forum Guidelines PAST: 5.25"L x 4.75"G (base),EBP (January 2001) / PRESENT: 7.50"L x 7.00G (base),EBP It doesn't happen overnight! Commitment! Focus! Patience!/ Main Routine = Pumping/Jelqing/clamping + Homedic TheraP or ACE Wrap TheraP or ACE Wrap

That’s great Bam.

Genitals prefer Blondes

Me too. I want the flaccid gains as well as the erect gains. Like I’ve said before, a good flaccid size just looks better. When my flaccid size is up (it varies sometimes) my fiance’ will comment on it, saying “Hmmmm… you’re quite large.” So yeah, flaccid gains rock, too.

Congratulations Bam. You and I are similar. We joined at about the same time and are seeing similar results. I hang one inch longer flaccid at 7 1/2 flaccid. Since I am over 50, my flaccid hang looked very weiner like at 6 1/2. Now it looks like a big sausage. This makes latrine breaks and the locker room more interesting seeing the new me which is how I remembered I looked as a teenager full of testosterone years ago. My goal is to look like ocifar on the videos. Can anyone conjecture how long that guy is and how much his girth is. He has one beautiful weapon. Thanks

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