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Do you have hair on your back ?


Originally Posted by sta-kool
Alin: check this out:

Mangroomer Pro :…c/dp/B003NCXXIS

Trimmer on a handle that extends 2 feet.

Just got it today. I had a similar product made by Vidal Sassoon that I used for the last 3 years. It broke last night. The Mangroomer seems much better made. Gets very good reviews on the net. Am excited about it.

Thanks for the link, sta. I’ll take a look at it. :)

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Originally Posted by Sir Wally
Step 1: Apply minute amounts of gasoline to your back.
Step 2: Ignite your back with a cheap lighter.
Step 3: Never repeat it again.

You use a moisturizer after ?

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Originally Posted by alin
The hair on the front is more acceptable, at least in my view.

Agreed. Chest hair is making a “comeback” which is good, but lots of women still consider back hair “gross”.

Personally I don’t like my back hair. I have a decent looking muscular back, it is one of my best beach-vacation features HA HA. When I am hairy back there it just looks like a fuzzy amorphous mess. For what it is worth I keep the chest hair trimmed so it is not crazy.

Im 26 and it just started to grow or i noticed within the past few months

Originally Posted by PlentyofStretch
Im 26 and it just started to grow or i noticed within the past few months

Me too, but at 35. I don’t like it.

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I have back hair. I thought it wasn’t much but I looked and it’s a lot more than I thought. Guess I haven’t looked in a long time. I don’t really want it, but it doesn’t bother me enough to actually do anything about it. I told my partner to shave my back if it offends, I think it mattered once or twice, but it’s a bigger hassle than it’s worth. I tried shaving, Nair, and waxing. Not a fan of any of those things. Waxing is the best, but still pretty lousy.

If it was a big deal I would laser. Just know that laser will kill hair that has already grown. As you age your back gets hairier, so even with laser you eventually have to do it again.

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I was just wondering about the vanity of modern man, then had a vision of ancient Romans, at the baths, having all the hair scraped off their bodies with a strigil….. nothing new under the sun. Makes me want to go shave bits to go with my toga fantasies!!! :)

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I just use a trimmer to cut down my chest and back hair. No point shaving, as some hair is good, otherwise you’ll be smooth like a woman which doesn’t come off as being masculine.

Hair on your body is sign of masculinity, walk tall and be proud to be a man. Women love running their fingers through it and it really turns me on when they do it.

I use a dry razor to shave the back about every two weeks. I shave the front every Tuesday. Why Tuesday you say? That is my off day from working out at the gym. If I shave, then sweat later that same day, it becomes a bit irritating.

I have sexdaily! I mean dyslexia! Fcuk!

I waxed my back once a few years ago. My wife says she likes it hairy, so I don’t bother with it anymore, although I do trim my neck, shoulders, and upper arms. A few weeks ago I trimmed my stomach. There were a few uncomfortable days as the stubble grew out, but now it’s out about 3/8” of an inch and it’s fine. I plan to keep trimming it as it covers up my abs.


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