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Difficulty in erection becuse of prostate problems.

Difficulty in erection becuse of prostate problems.


I wanted improve my sex life (increase libido and erection quality) and I used knowledge

From the net, but actually because of my stupidity I made it worse.

My problem now is that as I think after prolonged and excessive use of supplements at start

Testosterone boosters yohimbe,tongkat ali and further after reading the book “The hardness

Factor by” Dr. Steven Lamm - L-arginine,pycnogenol,red wine, grape seed extract,ginkgo

Biloba I developed some problems.I’m not a profesionallist and I can`t not accurately

Identify it.

My symptoms now are that I don`t have now morning wood and erection are not full erection

(Glans is soft)

My shaft has changed some veins appeared on it which are visible.

Penis enlargement excesses are almost impossible for me now.My unit is in quite big flaccid

State all the time ( I have now unusual libido and the most important I feel some strange

Kind of pressure in groin area)

After reading information on the net and new researches I realize that after excessive use of

Supplemments testoterone boosters and AAKG(very high doses up to 10 g a day) I might suffer

From prostatitis or other prostate problems.I have symptoms like light burning

Urination,frequent urination,multiple nocturia.

Therefore, I am convinced that the suffering due to prostate problems.I’m going do doc soon

And now I’m looking for the best way of treatment best methods for treatment of this and of

Course the most important for me is recovery of my erection quality.

Please some wise advice.


Originally Posted by Walgart
I’m going do doc soon

Walgart, sorry to hear about your penis problems. I am glad that you are going to a doctor. All too often guys refuse to see a doc after hurting their pee-pee.

Hope you are better soon!

Running a Massive Co-Front.

For erection quality try this.

Hold your penis at the base of the glans where it joins the penis - the palm of your hand facing upwards the penis pointing upwards. And between the two middle fingers where they join .

Close your hand to hold the penis fairly tighltly (to stop it slipping hrough your fingers). and pull upwards gently until you feel the muscles at the base pulling backwards, then hold that pressure and let the muscles at the base pull it downwards.

You should get a tugging action between your penis and your hand muscles., quite gently - No hard pulling. just help the tugging by releasing the pull with your hand. slightly

You may find then that your penis responds with a faint erection. Just do that as often as you like (Not in the Office though :)

We can’t guarantee anything of course, But it might help you to gain some life there.


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Appearance of shaft veins is a good thing, not a bad one. Better, more efficient blood flow to your cock.

Prostatitis is a puzzling disease in that it comes in several flavors. Make an appointment with a good urologist and get checked out. You’ll want to determine whether you have a chronic bacterial infection, or BPH (benign prostate hypertrophy) - an enlarged one -, or something else. You don’t say what your age is, but nearly all of us face some prostate issues as we grow older.



Try a self prostate massage with the aneros or similar product. Google “aneros.”


Masturbate until you cum several times or until the strange feeling in your groin goes away.

I would see a doctor before you try anything like prostate massage.That can be dangerous if you have an infection or any other problem going on.

Thanks guys.Yes I read about this kind of situations.I’m 25 so I think that I suffer rather from prostatitis.

Yeah, doctor first. If everything is okay, prostate massage = multiple male orgasms and a good way to maintain prostate health.

How much Yohimbe and Tongkat were you taking anyway?

Speak softly carry a big dick, I'm mean stick!

AAKG(up to 10g a day) and testosterone boosters(tongkat ali +4,5 g a day)

It seems that only frequent ejaculations help a lot with prostate health but finally I push myself to urologist and was diagnosed by my him with varicocele veins.I think that this shit cause much more problems in my system (I have really high blood presure sometimes 170/80 and heart pains, I was fucking really stupid)

Unfortunately my problem is still not resolved :/It might look like I’m looking for many problems but if I could jelq normally and have good EQ there will no search for something which can be a cause.Because of excessive use of this supplements I migh developed other problems.

I discuss same problem with Big Al on lpsg -…tml#post2321328

My urologist diagnosed me with varicocele veins but didn`t have embolization option which I rather prefer and gave me only contact to some other urologist.He said what other people talk hat varicoceles isn`t affecting EQ.

And explain me how it`s arises but I know one thing after supplements something change in my body.

I would be rather interested how cure my unit asap (current situation,after massive usage of supplemetnts - some visible veins on the surface, I can`t do proper PE,penis isn`t flexible, rather quite hard on the shaft and I can`t compare blood pump level to what it was few months ago during PE,hardly can push blood further and head is soft.That is the most important and I’m looking a way how to repair it.

I think that the greatest damage was becasue of my +10g AAKG use, mayby testosterone boosters - circulaction problem, but AAKG might done even some damage to my heart.

I actually monitor my blood presure (it`s really good 120,130/80, do gym training,eat healthy and run few miles in the evening) For sure I do not take more supplements even break from omega 3,all testosterone boosters,ginkgo,red wine,pycnogenol,grape seed extract.Of course some of it probably help me but but some may not work as I want.

The most important what should I do to regain my old unit (I was really happy when I had dick which I could jelq hard as see how it is growing, now it`s impossible)

Any advice really welcome.

Mayby are here some people who develop impotence becasue of l-arginine usage ?

Serenoa repens (Saw Palmetto) is very effective if yours is a prostate problem, try it, it is equilibrant for hormone production and harmless ( it’s a nourishment).

Actually I think now that I might done really big damage to my system when I was taking so much AAKG.Yes I heard about good influence of Saw Palmetto on prostate but I have as well some varicose veins not only on my sack but on penis shaft and I just read many post on urology boards when guys struggle with same problem.

I think that I will need look for professional help asap.

4.5 grams of tongkat ali seems excessive - especially at your age. Why did you start taking supplements? Did you have a problem before?

Another thing we can say is on a Chinese traditional medicine point of view: probably you have exaggerated with all yang booster, now you need to re balance and you need of an expert because this involves the renal chi.

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